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TrueDark Twilights Classic Sleep Hacking Blue/Green/Violet Light Blocking Glasses - Protect Your Eyes from Harmful Computer Junk Light

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Brand: TrueDark

Color: Black


  • REDUCES EYE STRAIN - TrueDark Twilights lenses are strategically designed based on research and technology using pure, durable, prescription grade polycarbonate lenses. This results in true clarity of light and consistent blockage of harmful blue, green, and violet junk light emissions from electronics during nighttime use, effectively reducing eye strain.
  • UPGRADE YOUR STYLE - with these, anti-reflective, foldable, scratch resistant, polarized, and lightweight glasses, neutrally constructed for both men and women!
  • IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY - TrueDark Twilights are the first and only solution designed to work with melanopsin, a protein in your eyes responsible for absorbing light and sending sleep/wake signals to your brain. Without melanopsin, melatonin can’t be accessed. When you wear your Twilights for as little as 30 min before bed you prevent your melanopsin from detecting the wrong wavelengths of light at the wrong time of day. This supports your circadian rhythm and helps you fall asleep.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR ALL NIGHT USE - TrueDark works so well that users often fall asleep in the glasses! To increase comfort and reduce breakage, the arms are now flexible.
  • ABOUT TRUEDARK - A health and wellness technology brand that is committed to improving health and performance through the use of light. We help the world stop junk light, then recognize and harness healthy light for your sleep-wake cycle, healing, and more. Our products, tools and education help your control the light in your environment. Through the use of patent-pending light blocking/filtering eyewear, our goal is to help you sleep, feel and perform better.

Binding: Health and Beauty


TrueDark Twilight glasses are like noise-cancelling headphones for your eyes! Your eyes have special cells filled with a light-sensitive protein called melanopsin. These cells signal to your brain that it's daytime when exposed to certain wavelengths of light. This causes your brain to stop producing hormones, such as melatonin, that are essential to having a restful and productive night of sleep. (Studies show that reduced or blocked blue/green/violet light exposure triggers the release melanopsin into the body which starts melatonin production.)

Traditional blue blockers are good at filtering out blue light, but it's not only blue light that affects your sleep. This is why staring at a blue light emitting computer screen or phone before bed can interfere with your sleep!

TrueDark Twilight glasses are the first and only glasses designed to block ALL of the sleep robbing wavelengths in the evening hours. Twilight technology that frees your hormones and neurotransmitters to do their best work. (Twilight Classics offer our darkest red lenses for optimal melatonin production to activate sleep. Best before bedtime or times of low-activity.  Try Twilight Sunsets or Twilight Elites if performing tasks that require greater visibility.)

Twilight glasses feature a wrap-around sport frame with comfortable foam padding around the eyes to help prevent extra light from seeping into the sides and top. They allow you to do some household activities while simultaneously tricking your brain into thinking it's completely dark. This causes your brain to prepare for bed, which can help you fall asleep faster and have a more rejuvenating and productive night's rest. They're great for treating jet lag, too! (Light penetration depends on facial contours and fit. The light direction that matters most to inhibiting melatonin production is the light coming directly in to the lenses.)

This product is for indoor use only.  

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 inches