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Healthy Hands 2 Wrist & Hand Hot and Cold Soft Ice Pack Wraps For Hand Injuries, Arthritis, Chemo, Carpal Tunnel – Hot/Cold 20+ Mins – Heat and Cold Hand Therapy – Reusable Pliable Gel Ice Pack Gloves

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Brand: Healthy Hands

Color: Blue


  • [Doctor's Orders: 20+ Minutes Hot/Cold] – Effective pain relief from heat and cold therapy requires 20+ minutes of direct, continuous application. Unfortunately, most packs can't last. We set the standard for arthritis, injury, chemo, neuropathy and more.
  • [Protects Against Frostbite] – On the other hand (no pun intended) many ice packs get too cold – or too hot – burning your skin with frostbite or blisters. Don't worry: We have a layer of fabric designed to keep your hands the perfect temperature.
  • [Adjustable Sizing] – Healthy Hands gloves are designed to fit the average person: with a depth of 7.5 inches and an adjustable strap, up to 95% of people will find Healthy Hands fit them perfectly. The glove design provides full 360˚ comfort.
  • [The Last Ice Packs You'll Ever Need For Your Hands!] – Your hand pain isn't giving up; your Healthy Hands gloves won't either! Designed for long term, it only takes 4 hours in the freezer or 30 seconds in the microwave to reach high and low temps.
  • [Gift Packaging] – Each set of two gloves comes with very attractive gift-quality packaging, ready to wrap and present to your loved ones. Of course, if you are giving this to yourself, then all the better! Perfectly designed for daily life.

Details: The Most Refreshing Pair Of Gloves You'll Ever Put On Nothing Works Like Heat And Cold Therapy For Pain Relief… Hundreds Of Uses Healthy Hands can be used for everything from chemotherapy to arthritis, dozens of kinds of injuries, carpal tunnel type 1 and type 2, neuropathy and basically: anything that makes your hands hurt. Rapid Hot & Cold Don't wait to experience the benefits of cold and heat therapy. With only 30 seconds in the microwave, or 4 hours in the freezer Healthy Hands will hit the maximum low and high temperatures. Stays Hot & Cold Longest It isn't even close. Healthy Hands gives you more than enough "temp time" to easily hit your doctor's recommendation of 20+ minutes. A New Approach To Hot & Cold Therapy For Your Hands Healthy Hands goes way above and beyond to ensure you the maximum comfort and satisfaction every day. 360˚ Coverage The glove design helps permeate your hands with cold or heat all the way down to the bone for the recommended 20+ minutes. One size fits most (7.5 inch depth, adjustable straps). Temperature Controlled Healthy Hands protects your skin from frostbite or burning using a high-quality fabric covering that is soft to the touch and controls the temperature inside the glove. Lasts Years Every stitch in our gloves is precisely engineered for maximum durability. Our gloves are tough because your pain is tough. It's the perfect match. Makes An Outstanding Gift! Each package comes with two premium Healthy Hands gloves delivered in the highest-quality packaging. Ready to wrap and give! Even if you're only getting them for yourself, you'll still be glad you chose the most attractive option, especially when you will use them every day.

Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 6.9 x 3.4 inches