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Gamer Goo - Antiperspirant for Hands, Non-Sticky Drying Lotion for Better Gamer Grip, Hand Cream for Gamers and Athletes, Beach Breeze, 1.7oz

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Brand: Gamer Goo


  • Anti Sweat Gameplay for Accuracy - Gamer Goo’s dry hand formula supports your long gaming sessions. It stops sweat from its source, allowing you to focus and play while holding gaming desk accessories without stinky, sweaty, and clammy hands.
  • Helps Improve Grip for Longer Hours - Improve your gaming performance with better hand grip. Conquer any game with our sweaty hands treatment that lasts up to 4 hours! Before playing, apply it after washing and drying hands. Reapply as needed.
  • Easy to Use Squeeze Bottle - Just squeeze out a small pea-sized amount of Gamer Goo’s sweat cream. It helps enhance your grip by greatly reducing sweat, making it ideal for gaming, project rendering or working out with equipment.
  • No Mess and Stains - Keep your hands clean, together with your controllers, mouse, keyboards and other gaming accessories with our no sweat solution. Enjoy your game sessions without the hassles of stains and excess residues.
  • Available in 6 Refreshing Scents - Gamer Goo doesn’t only keep your hands dry. It also makes them smell good. Choose from these pleasant scents: Beach Breeze, Orange, Peppermint, Teakwood, Vanilla Sugar, and Cherry Blossom lotion.

Details: You’re at your desk or on the couch, ready to game all evening. But yuck – your controller or mouse is covered in sweat – again. Tired of your hands sweating in the thick of the action and causing greasy peripherals that’re hard to handle? Gamer Goo can help. With a range of pleasing scents and a strong antiperspirant action that keeps your hands dry for hours, you can enjoy your all-night gaming sessions, that stay clean and sweat-free. No stains, no residue, non-toxic. Gamer Goo is a hand lotion that’s designed for gamers, by gamers, to ensure your gaming stays clean and dry – leaving you free to dominate your competition.

Package Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.0 x 1.0 inches