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Element LUX 99% Blue Light Blocker Glasses | Blue Light Glasses for Better Sleep and Eye Strain | Gaming Glasses and Computer Glasses - 400UV True Amber Lense

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Color: Orange


  • Why Amber? There are clear blue blocker glasses and amber ones. But what’s the difference? Well, clear blue light filter glasses only block up to 30% of blue light, while Amber glasses block over 99%. So, if you want a better night’s sleep and less eye strain, go amber!
  • For a Good Night's Sleep: Nighttime entertainment should relax us, but the blue light of laptops, phones, TV’s and lighting around our home is stimulating. It stops organic melatonin production, and elevates cortisol. Now, when you wear our Element LUX Glasses in the hours before bed, you can enjoy entertainment AND a good night's sleep!
  • Eyestrain Relief and UV400 Protection: UV400 Coating protects your eyes from all harmful UV Rays(A, B, and C). Our high quality amber lenses protect you from Blue Light spectrum rays (400-500nm). Together, alongside a comfortable and stylish design, you can experience more eyestrain relief and better sleep.
  • Easy-Wear Style: For those of us who need uncompromised bluelight protection, we made Element LUX in an Aviator style, which offers MORE coverage than other blue blocking glasses! Frames are made from flexible and durable TR90 (used by top sunglass brands) so they contour to your face comfortably.
  • With Free Sleep Guide: You, like us, care about proper sleep and your health, so you also get a free sleep guide to help you get the best rest! Your bluelight blocker glasses for women and men also come with a travel case and microfiber cloth. So if you’re ready to take back your sleep without sacrificing your screen time, try Element LUX risk free.

Details: Element LUX Amber Tinted Blue Light Blocking Glasses “Blue Blockers” Amber Lense Glasses to perk up Tired Eyes and Migraine Stop. Non Habit Forming Natural Sleep Remedy, Insomnia, Sleeping and Healthy Vision at Night Mens and Womens Glasses for Light Sensitivity from Computer, Tablet, Phone and E readers. Orange / Yellow Blue-Blocker Without Magnification or Clip Ons Computer Accessories for Online Game Playing – Adults and Kids Gamer Glasses Oversized Aviator Style Lenses – Antiglare Computer Glasses Comes with Sleep Guide – Supplements, Vitamins, Magnesium, Reduce Stress. Do we need Vegan Melatonin, Slow Release Melatonin, a supplement or nothing at all! Light, Strong, Durable Eyeglasses. Safety against breaking Antiblue glasses come with 30-Day Guarantee Try now these blue light glasses for men and women, or read more information about them in our detailed bullet points section. Bluelight Glasses Womens and Mens available now from Element LUX.

EAN: 0851985007382

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 3.4 x 2.5 inches