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Cable Sleeve, Cable Cover, Wire and Cord Hider - Set of 4 - Computer, TV or Desk Management - Home & Office Organizer Concealer - 20’' - Premium Flexible Neoprene Wrap, Zipper, Conduit (Black)

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Brand: Blue Key World

Color: Black


  • Cable sleeve set with zip-up solution, conceal and manage cords while ensuring fast access. Your wire organizer for every situation.
  • Set of 4 innovative cord cover sleeves made from durable & flexible neoprene fabric with zipper. This accessory takes up to 10 cables each without tearing. You can use it anywhere, in the floor, on or under desk or on any other furniture.
  • Easy to use, simply gather cables together, wrap the cord hider sleeve around them, and zip-up. In just 7 seconds or less your cable mess is now organized. Our expandable cable management system fits both small and large cables.
  • Fits all cables like power cords, phone chargers, laptop, computer, monitor and audio cables, gaming console wires, USB, ethernet, HDMI, PC, stereo, musical instruments and TV wires, extensions.
  • Make your home, office and car look special with our distinctive design and aesthetics organizing cable covers. Use them in the back of electronic and electric devices. Cord concealer for multiple uses.

Binding: Office Product


"SWEETHEART, THE CABLE CLUTTER IS CLEAN! Do you want to discover how? I've used the Blue Key World Cable Sleeves, an innovative system that ensures our cables are now tidy and our furniture looks great again!"

CABLE CLUTTER FREE: A small miracle to get a home, desk, cubible or office cord clutter free, right? Heck, we haven't even started trying to tidy our cables and a new one just pops up behind some piece of furniture...

TREMENDOUS LOOK: That's our promise to you. Right out of the package to start cable wiring in your home and office... in seconds. You can start immediately sleeving your wire clutter with our multipurpose wire sleeves.

If you've heard about high quality cord sleeves before, it probably came at a cost. Some manufacturers really stretch the definition of what great look, practical and easy to use actually mean. If they can make it with all these 3 qualities it will come at different kind of cost - MONEY!

How did we at Blue Key World so cleverly created our outstanding DIY cable sleeves kit that are good for all cables, very easy to use and have a terrific look with super quality neoprene and zipper?

Well, it's amazing what you come up when you set your mind to it.

Here's what we did, started contacting 24 different manufacturers whose specialty is in creating cable sleeves. We contracted out models from each and one of them and were happy with none of them. However, there were kernels of greatness in some of our prototypes. We analyzed and pulled the best elements out of each - and infused them into the Blue Key World's cable sleeves set you see before you.

Don't just take our word for it though - read the reviews!

Blue Key World Has Been Featured on TV!

Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 4.7 x 1.8 inches