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240 Inch Cable Sleeve, Flexible Cord Bundler Wire Wrap Cable Management System for Office and PC-Gray

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Color: Grey


  • 240" ( 2 x 120") Cable Management Sleeve: Package includes 2 pack cable management sleeves, Each sleeve is 120 inches long, The larger one (1.03 Inches diameter, can hold up 8-10 cables) & the smaller ones (0.87 Inches diameter, can hold up 6-8 cables). Please note that the small one is hidden in the large tube, please split them before use.
  • Gray color is available to match any dark or light background
  • The cord concealer is essential for keeping your baby from hazards and protecting your wires from being chewed by a curious pet, bringing you a safe, comfortable and enjoyable working and living environment
  • The pre-made hole is for easy sticking out the cords without cutting; Flexible material allows DIY length, you can cut these management sleeves randomly to meet your need
  • Fast cable cover solutions with the guide tool, Wrap the cable management sleeves around your cords and within a few seconds you can enjoy a tidy and lovable living/working environment

Binding: Electronics

Details: WHAT YOU GET FORM Malife: Cable tubes(120 Inch) X 2 Cable wire guide clip X 1 Mosotech Cable Management Sleeve : -No need to worry the messy tangled cords depress you or trip your kid or pet chewing. Heavy-duty material to prolong your cable life. -All cords are wrangled up and hidden in one sleeve from sight, it makes your living and working space look more organized. Ideal for keeping cords organized behind the TV entertainment system, computer monitor, etc. - Grey stylish color of our sleeves will match any home decor by keeping the array of multi-color cords hidden. -The 0.87" / 1.03" diameter sleeve will ensure you can bundle many cables in one sleeve. The 2 pack 120" long cable sleeve will meet all your requirements as much as possible. How to Apply: 1. Open the spring-loaded jaws of the tool and lay your wires inside. 2. Push the bullet-shaped end of the tool into the end of the coil just a few inches. It will force open the end of the coil. 3. Keep your hand around the tool and the opened coil, so the bullet does not pop out of the opened coil. (If the bullet is pop off, Please don’t worry, have a try! It is easy to re-install, you can do it!) 4. Keep pushing the bullet shape further into the coil. That will open more coil and you can continue laying in your wires. 5. Continue laying the wires side-wise until done. 6. Cut the coil into the length you need.

Package Dimensions: 11.6 x 10.4 x 3.8 inches