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Thermal Paste

Stopping your PC from overheating is one of the main concerns when building it, thermal paste is there to help you do just that. But, there isn’t just one brand or even one variety of thermal paste – so how do you know which one you should use? We’ve got the lowdown on all that and more, making sure you can keep your computer cool and running at an optimal level.

What is a Thermal paste & what does it do?

Thermal paste, also known as thermal grease/compound, is a commonly used thermally conductive compound that is often used between the CPU and the CPU cooler in order to increase thermal dissipation. The main role of the thermal paste is to remove any air pockets that might reside between the CPU and cooler which could act as thermal insulation.

Why is thermal paste important in gaming?

Thermal paste is an important factor when it comes to gaming, mainly because CPUs that aren’t efficiently cooled will start to run slower – also decreasing their life expectancy. Since the CPU is one of the main factors in gaming performance, you can easily see why a slow-running CPU could be problematic to your gaming experience.

Best Thermal Paste For Gaming

Some factors to consider before purchasing thermal paste are; fluidity, longevity, and thermal conductivity. Whilst these results aren’t that easy to find, we regularly review them to give you the best advice as to which product to buy depending on your budget & gaming level.

How To Apply Thermal Paste To My CPU

Once you’ve purchased your thermal paste you’ll be wondering how exactly you apply it to your CPU (it’s definitely not by using your finger or a credit card). We’ve put together a handy guide on how to apply & remove thermal paste the correct way.