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tfue gaming setup

Turner "TFUE" Tenney is a creator of Streamer / American container and content content and content of content that fired at renown with his fortified prowess. TFEU ​​used to broadcast games such as Call of Duty, H1Z1 Battle Royale and Destiny and had about 60,000 followers on Twitch until early 2017. He changed mainly from Fortis after the game started gaining popularity during the Second semester of 2017 and finished 2018. With more than 4 million followers on the platform. TFEU ​​joined Clan Faze in April 2018 as a strong player.

However, the Streamer was famous in a long legal battle with false while he tabled a legal action in May 2019. TFEU said that Faze had forced him to indulge in the consumption of beverages and to play and offer him Only 20% of the total gains of the content he has published on various social media platforms. Faze had answered with their own trial in August 2019 claiming that TFEU violated his contract and disclosed confidential information. The prosecution was voluntarily rejected by both parties in August 2020. TFEU was suspended by Twitch several times and currently has 10.2 million followers on the platform.

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