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65W Laptop Charger for Lenovo Ideapad 130 130-15AST 130-15IKB 130-14IKB 330S 110S 330 110 110-15ISK 320 310 310-15ISK 110S-11IBR 120S 120S-14IAP 100-151BY ADLX65CCGU2A Flex 4 5 1470 1570 1580

by Syfrufo
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Brand: Syfrufo


  • 【Technical Details】Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz Output Max - 20V 3.25A 65W (compatible with 20V 2.25A 45W)
  • 【Compatible with:】Lenovo 65W 45W IdeaPad 310 320 330 330S 310S 320S 340 310-14IKB 310-15ISK 310-15IKB 310-15ABR 320-14 320-14IKB 320-15IKB 320-15AST 320-15ABR 320-15IAP 320-17IKB 320-17ISK 330-15ARR 330-15IGM 330-14IKB 330-15IKB 330-14AST 330-15AST 330-17IKB 330-17AST 330S-15ARR 330S-15IKB, Yoga 710-11IKB 710-11ISK 710-14IKB 710-14ISK 710-15ISK, IdeaPad 100 110 110S 120S 100-15IBD 100-15IBY 100-14IBD 100-14IBY 110-15ACL 110-15IBR 110-15ISK 110-17IKB 110S-11IBR 110S-11IBR 120S-11IAP 120S-14IAP
  • 【Compatible with:】Lenovo IdeaPad 100 110 110S 120 120S 130 130S S130 310 310S 320 320S 330 330S 340 510 510S 520S 710 710S Plus 720S, Yoga 710 710-11 710-14 710-15 Series, IdeaPad Flex 4 1130 1480 1580 1470 1570, Flex 5 1470 1570, 80TJ 80XM 81A4 81A5 81CW 81CX 80MJ 80QQ 80R9 80S6 80SA 80SF 80T7 80TV 80TX 80WG 80XR 81C9 81CA, IdeaPad 3 3-14ADA05 3-14IIL05 3-14IML05 3-15IIL05 3-15IML05 3-17ADA05 3-17IML05, P/N: ADL45WCC ADLX65CCGU2A GX20K11838 PA-1450-55LL PA-1450-55LN PA-1450-55LR ADLX65CDGU2A
  • 【Note:】For more compatible models, please see details page.
  • 【Our Service:】Within 30 days of purchasing, we offer a no-questions-asked replacement or full refund guarantee, 365 Days Warranty Guaranteed by the Manufacturer.

Binding: Electronics

model number: SK90200325

Part Number: SK90200325

Details:   This AC Adapter has been tested to ensure compatibility with Lenovo IdeaPad Series:   Ideapad 100 Series: 100-14IBY 100-14IBD 100-15IBY 100-15IBD Ideapad 110 / 110S Series: 110-15ISK 110-15IBR 110-15ACL Touch-15ACL 110-15AST 110-17IKB 110-17ISK 110-17ACL 110S-11IBR Ideapad 120/130/130S/S130 Series: 120S-11IAP 120S-14IAP 130-14IKB 130-15IKB 130S-11IGM 130S-14IGM S130-11IGM S130-14IGM Ideapad 310/310S Series: 310-14IKB 310-14IAP 310-15ISK 310-15IKB 310-15ABR 310 Touch-15IKB 310-15IAP310S-14ISK 310S-15IKB Ideapad 320/320S Series: 320-14IKB 320-14IAP 320-15IAP 320-15IKB Touch-15IKB 320-15AST 320-15ABR 320-15IKBN 320S-15IKB Ideapad 330/330S Series: 330-14IKB 330-15IGM 330-15ARR 330-15IKB 330-15AST 330-15IKB 330-17IKB 330S-15IKB 330S-15ARR Ideapad 510/510S Series: 510-14ISK 510-15ISK 510-15IKB 510S-12ISK 510S-13ISK 510S-13IKB 510S-14IKB 510S-14ISK Ideapad 520/520S Series: 520-15IKB 520H-15IKB 520L-15IKB 520R-15IKB 520E-15IKB 520S-14IKB Ideapad 530/530S Series: 530S-14IKB 530S-14ARR 530SH-14IKB 530SL-14IKB 530SR-14IKB 530SE-14IKB 530S-15IKB 530SH-15IKB Ideapad 710/710S Series: 710S-13IKB 710S-13ISK 710S Plus 710S Plus Touch-13IKB IdeaPad Flex 4/5/6 Series: Flex 4 1470 1480 1570 1580 1435 1130 / Flex 5 1470 1570 / Flex 6 6-11IGM 6-14IKB 6-14ARR IdeaPad Yoga 710 Series: Yoga 330 530 710 710-11ISK 710-11IKB 710-14IKB 710-14ISK 710-15ISK 710-15IKB 530-14IKB 330-11IGM 80XC 81BD 81AK 81EK 81H9 81H1 81EU 81EV 81EY 81SQ 81MU 81MV 81LW 81LX 81LY 80TU 80TV 80TW 80VQ 80SW 80YQ 80SR 80SV 80V6 80TX 80V4 80TY 80V5 80U0 80S9 80VB 80S7 80UK 80VC 80S8 80U4 80UL 80UY 80UA 80UW 80TQ 80UD 80TJ 80T7 80V0 80SJ 80UV 80TK 80YL 81BF 80XR 80XM 80XS 80XL 81CA 81C9 81XA 81XB 81B5 81A7 81EM 65W 81HA 81A6 81F4 81F5 81F8 81JM 81FB 81JQ 81F9 81F5 81JN 81DA 81G2 81DC 81DE 81FD 81DK 81DM 81H6 81H7 81H5 81CW 80V7 80XS 80XT 80XN 81BH 80XU 80XQ 81A2 80XR 81A3 81CS 80YN 80XW 81FU

EAN: 0612068237832

Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 5.0 x 1.8 inches