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Zowie fk1 mouse review

Simple and dexterous design and excellent bottom shell performance make FK1+ a treat for competition preparation!

With the introduction of the FK series, Zowie brought some simple and smart shapes to the market. These unconscious mice are designed to "fit for purpose" without sacrificing performance. Here, we have the BenQ Zowie FK1 + gaming mouse developed with the help of some e-sports professionals. The

FK1 + mouse provides a comfortable shape that fits your hands perfectly. Equipped with PMW3310 optical sensor, it can provide a reliable and accurate gaming experience in many different games. The advantage of the Zowie mouse lies not only in the build quality, but also in the variety of shapes available to gamers. FK1+ offers a slightly larger size than FK1 and FK2. Despite its dexterity, it is still a very comfortable mouse.



Mouse size and weight

Mouse technology

Zowie seems to be based on the color scheme of the product box to match the color of the internal mouse, no different from FK1+. We have a pure black frame with a life-size mouse picture in the center of the front. There are


Zowie is the king of varieties, FK1+ is the biggest choice in the FK series. The

FK1+ is 5 inches long, about 1 cm longer than the wired Logitech G pro, but the same length as the Fk1 and EC1. The width is 1mm longer than FK1 and 5mm longer than wired G Pro, but it doesn't feel wide in the hand, and it always feels very comfortable to hold. The height of the mouse is the same as the wired G Pro (3.8 cm), and it feels like a fairly low-key mouse with a slightly invasive hump. In general, I would say that this mouse is suitable for medium-sized hands, but the extra few millimeters of FK1+ can fit larger hands (18x11 cm) without problems. It feels large enough for palm grip, but my best result in the game is when I use a mixed claw/palm grip that feels more natural.

If this seems a bit too long compared to what you are used to, or your hands may be much smaller than mine, but you like the look of the FK mouse, then consider FK2 because it is smaller in all senses ( 12.4 x 6.4 x 3.6 cm). Of course, there is also FK1, which is the middle ground of the series. The

FK1+ weighs 95 grams without cables, which makes the mouse feel quite lightweight, but it still has enough weight. The weight is similar to HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro, 5 grams heavier than the Fk1 version. Due to its relatively small size, it doesn’t feel heavy at all, but if it sounds a bit too heavy to you, it’s worth noting that the FK2 weighs only 85 grams. The weight distribution of the FK1+ is very good, and it may be one of the most balanced mice I have ever used.

FK1+ is an extended FK1 designed to provide a more comfortable experience for larger hands. Its size also makes it more feasible to hold the mouse in the palm of your hand, but as I said before, the shape feels more comfortable when using a hybrid grip. Beautiful appearance, at first glance it looks like a simple universal mouse. The hump seems to be directly in the middle, and gradually tapers towards the back palm rest and the front main button. Despite the dexterous shape, it feels ergonomic, and you can immediately feel why the shape of the Zowies mouse is so popular. Except for the sides that enhance grip and comfort, there appear to be no comfort grooves. It is worth noting that there are 2 buttons on each side of the mouse, but due to the impressive design, I never accidentally touched them when using the mouse, which surprised me. There are some very slight dents on the main buttons, which allow you to place your finger in the middle of each button nicely, but are hardly noticeable. If you look at the mouse from below, it looks like a heavy hourglass with the sensor in the middle. Overall, the mouse feels long and narrow, but the back is wide enough to sit on top. The

case material is thin and strong plastic, the surface is matte black and the touch is shiny. It feels great to hold the mouse, but it starts to freeze almost immediately after holding it for a few minutes, which is great for me, but if your palms are sweaty, be careful. It feels slippery to the touch, but I never lose control of the mouse, even when I hold it tightly, there is a wet layer of condensation. Compared to the new Divina mouse, I prefer the materials used in the FK series because its surface feels a bit more textured. I've seen people like to "scrub" their Zowie mouse with sandpaper for extra grip, but if it gets slippery, I prefer to add masking tape.

FK1 + is equipped with a Huanuo switch, the buttons are a little hard, which affects the trigger touch in CSGO. Once you get used to these buttons they will feel great, but I've gotten used to clicking more easily from my Deathadder, and the difference is very obvious. That said, I've never accidentally clicked a button like other mice, because my fingers are completely in the palm, which is great. The buttons are part of the main shell and I feel like they move more towards the middle of the mouse. This is something I don't like, but it doesn't affect me when I play. The click has a satisfying click

And it is quite low among the shells that are not disturbed. It is a tactile wheel, but it is not robust or sophisticated as the main wheel of competition, but in reality it is not the difference in the organization of the game. The wheel can not be reprogrammed because there is no software or its considerable wheel when traveling.

There are seven buttons on FK1 +, but using the mouse and 5 out of five jobs. This is because the two lateral buttons on the right are disabled when the mouse arrives. This mouse has two side buttons on each side, which corresponds to the left and right, but one side can be deactivated to avoid accidentally being pressed. You can not delete the side button, but you can change which side is disabled. Together the mouse button together, press the left mouse button to enable the left button, or press the right mouse button with the center button on the mouse to return to the original mode. Once, once, once you had never touched, but the shape of the form is much smaller than the excellent lateral button smaller than the ZA series. If the lateral button is low, if you slide your thumb as a large button, it moves too much too. I feel that the click is strongly illuminated. The

FK series has four default DPI configurations available at the mouse, with the lower DPI button. The stages of DPI are coded by colors, so we do not need to guess what adjustments.

DPI Stage:

It seems that it is not necessary previously, but I just know the game of FPS but I know? If used to customize your IPR with these different values of these values, you may need to look for another mouse brand. These values that provide are standard and are close to what all players are already in use. I use 800 dpi and I love the nature of this mouse plug and play. The

FK1 + cable is 2 meters long, with soft rubber texture. The cable was very flexible and really did not happen even when I used it without a bungee. If it is still wrapped as many people, it has a slight blow (tends to stop) if it approaches at the end of the mouse. The cable is naturally adjusted to the bungee in the elephant desert, but when trying it by an economical alternative, I just found a bright plastic and slide with the cable. The sensor

has the same PMW 3310 sensor seen in the EC series. It is not the last Pixart sensor, but it is still highly qualified in the community in the area where it is precise and reliable. Like other models of mice, 3310 implementations saw some turning problems. I thought it was hard to rotate the sensor, but for my low sensitivity, sometimes I escaped and I had a situation at the center of the CSGO game where Crosshair was flying. As I say that once it was, consider a new currency divider of 3360 elephants that are implemented in 3360. The sensor remained soft and remained precisely without acceleration or deviation of the entire test.

The scopes of recording in CSGO or Pubg were funny for followed by mice and generally sniper. Usually, I give priority to the right mouse for FPS titles, but FK1 + was a really good alternative, and I did not notice that I was using an ambidextory mouse to be honest. Lightly mice gleamed easily through the pad and triggered quickly and accurate with CSGO, but it was a bit off when the reduction of follow-up is reduced. I'm not sure if my grip is my grip or it's because it is used for a bulky mouse, but a small just microorganism is as accurate as I like it. The

distance lifting is optimized and is approximately 1.2 mm. By lifting the mouse, it seemed not to have many cursor movements, and it seems that it was drawn. The grouping fee is up to 1000 Hz and is set by default, but can change it with a Bit button button. In the case of 125 Hz, remove the mouse, but pressing the mouse and pressing the Mouse 4 and 5 to configure it at 500 Hz first, you must remove the mouse and keep the mouse.


When you buy a ZOWIIE mouse looking for a special material covering that covers the latest RGB configuration or an activation system. Some mice and elephants are ready for purpose and tournament. The air pressure form to FK1 + is one of the most comfortable things I had the pleasure of using. Click to make it a bit loose and can refine the mouse wheel, but this is undoubtedly improving your game experience. If you prefer an alternative to the right, the EC series is worth reviewing, but in the ambidete mouse line, FK1 + is a beast.

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