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Zowie ec1 b mouse review

Zowie implemented the latest PMW3360 sensor in the EC series, showing that it can improve perfection.

Zowie has been bringing a simple ergonomic mouse to the market for many years, and the EC1B series is no exception. EC1A and EC2A are very popular mice, and they are still so today, but Zowie mouse lovers have been asking for the updated PMW 3360 sensor implementation. Now with EC1B and EC2B, this is reality. Zowie seems to want to provide us with a variety of different tournament preparation options, which are almost always ticked in our eyes, and he is very good. The ECB series is an ergonomic right-hand mouse, available in two sizes; EC1B is the larger of the two, while EC2B is a more medium-sized mouse, which is smaller in all respects except for the front depth. The shape of the

ECB series is inspired by the old but very popular Microsoft Intelli mouse (especially IME 3.0) that many of us are proud to own. The mouse feels close to the ergonomic brilliance of the Razer Deathadder, but in my opinion, they are not the same to the touch. However, the quality is under the shell of the Zowie mouse, which is not to say that the low-key simplicity of the design is not what I like.



Mouse size and weight (EC1B)

Mouse size and weight (EC2B)

Mouse technology

Zowie's packaging always exudes a first-class atmosphere, it seems to follow a clean and simple design. The packaging of the ECB series is no different. The color of the case is the same as that of the mouse inside, and it has the classic outline of the characteristic mouse drawn on the front of the case. Zowie is all about functionality, and the packaging illustrates that. As you can see, this box only holds your future mouse in style and doesn't try to dazzle you with special features or the latest technology.


Unlike other peripheral brands, Zhuowei has designed a mouse suitable for most hand sizes by developing EC1B and EC2B. Whether your hand is small or large (right hand), EC1 and EC2 are designed with comfort in mind. They are also suitable for any style of play / grip, and can even be used with your fingertips on the smaller EC2, but for best use id recommend these claw / palm mice. The back of the mouse is the widest, tapering towards the center, providing a slight curve for the thumb to rest. It rises subtly in the middle, forming a beautiful low-key hump on most palms. The angle of the

mouse and main button is slightly down, giving the mouse an extremely comfortable feel, just as you would expect from these basically ergonomic shapes. Although I usually prefer the larger mouse of the EC series (my hand is 19x11), it is different. I have to say that EC2B seems to give me more comfort when playing games. It is reduced to a slightly smaller size, and EC2B is 4 grams lighter than EC1 (94g).

Zowie has reduced some weight with the updated EC1. EC1B is now 3 grams lighter than its predecessor. From this point of view, EC1B is 11 grams lighter than Razer Deathadder. The weight distribution of the mouse feels very balanced, and I think it makes a big difference to the gameplay because I am not distracted by the heavy top/bottom mouse. The

EC series provides a proven right-handed ergonomic design. The series tends to remind some people of Microsoft Intellimouse, although it is a bit thick. The shape is very comfortable, Zowie coated it with a layer of soft, smooth plastic, which feels very good to the touch. If you don’t sweat a lot, this smooth coating can grip well, but if it’s a bit wet on your palm, you may want to choose a mouse with a different textured surface, such as Rival 600s rubber coating or Above ECA... Serie A. The shape of EC does not feel a million miles away from the Rival 310 in terms of ergonomic shape, but the edge of EC mouse is smoother and the curve is smoother to adapt to more people's hand shapes. There are Huanuo switches under the main buttons of the

, which are not bad. They feel a bit more difficult than Logitech switches, but they have a good clicking sound and the unit isn't very big. The main button is part of the mouse housing, I don't care, because no matter how high my finger is on the button, the button will still be clicked. Just as the shape of the switches feels a bit secure, I prefer something lighter, but there is no problem pressing these switches, and I didn't accidentally click them.

Slightly changed the wheel of the ECA series mouse. Zowie canceled the scroll wheel illumination to tell you the current DPI settings, now it's just a black tactile scroll wheel. If you frequently use the scroll wheel to jump or perform other operations in other ways, it is worth noting that it is very noisy and can be annoying. I only use the scroll to change weapons or swords occasionally, so I didn't really notice. The

has two thumb buttons for some additional in-game commands, and they are not bad. When you click, they have a good sense of firmness and a satisfying click. They are slightly higher than where the thumb is naturally located, but not difficult to reach. I didn’t have to adjust my handle when clicking the thumb button on the larger EC1B, but I did notice that the operation on the EC2 was easier, which was the most comfortable option for me.

At the bottom of the mouse, there are two buttons. On the left, you will change the polling rate between the three preset options

Specific button as connected to the mouse to set the new voting rate. The right side of the sensor has a DPI button, which is a DPI button that provides four different color code options to choose from red (400 dpi) to green (3200).

A series of ELEPHANT ECB as your predecessor has a non-Brayed rubber cable. The length of the cable was 2 m, not dirty, and did not provide a possible resistance. I do not use a mouse with cable without a recent bungee, and my thief is not installed, as well as other mice, so I can be slippery because the elephant cable is too thin. As it did not work, the elephant desert had a cable enough, but I had to adjust myself after the game night when it slid. The ECA series

or earlier was considered an excellent sensor, and due to the early cleaning disorder of the new PMW3360, leaned towards the old RCT mouse due to the early washing violation of the first PMW3360. The ECB series has a performance update and has set some of the previous problems during the version. Since the sensor was excellent and performed perfectly at a maximum tracking speed of 7 meters per second, it did not seem randomly in the clouds and feet after the cloud and the quick reaction. The sensor provided a perfect tracking and had not softened to the blue DPI option (1600).

The mice were a dream of CSGO, but it was taken a little longer to get used to other ergonomic models, such as Razer Deathadder and Logicich G403 / 603/703. The sensor was performed, but EC1B felt it was a bit too big, slightly and lighter. EC2B played a lot of Nika, and both the agitation of the mouse was perfect. Adjusting the lens was fast and accurate, but it was relatively easy when the tracking head was used for the ECB series. After a few hours of use, I struggled for the reason why this form with a form was very popular, with an informal and professional player was very popular in the community. Light ergonomic shape and high performance sensor, played and gave great confidence in the mouse. Huge points of sale for Elephant

is the fact that they are Plug and Play. If there is no problem, it is necessary that the mouse is not necessary to install and the cloud server do not log in. Yes, this is a zero personalization, but the elephants concentrate on their defense. Also, do not worry about saying that you can still change your IPR, but you must choose one of the four options. After slim plastic and good tremor, there was zero zero of the mice. The design is minimal, but this simple approach is refreshing and ergonomic forms are pending joy. The main button is good, but other functional buttons look slightly safe, find it as a successor, but I did not use it because I really do not use other buttons. It is rather a barbourne mouse, £ 60/60 dollars, why the ECB is a vivid sensor, a bright sensor and, of course, a stopper, so I know that the ECB is highly recommended.


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