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Z590 vs z490

When selecting PC components, you must select the correct chipset. Since the motherboard is the center of its build, it must be compatible with components such as CPU and GPU. This is determined by the chipset.

If you want to specifically buy Intel chipsets, you can find Z590 and Z490 chipsets. Although they may appear very similar on the surface, they do have some significant differences. Although Z490 was the flagship chipset before, the recently released Z590 has replaced it.

We'll do a more detailed study on this, focusing on specs like form factors, plugs, and built-in WiFi. We compare and review them in great detail to find out which one is better overall.

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The form factor of your chipset is important because you need to make sure it is compatible with the rest of your build. If the form factor is not supported, you will not be able to use a specific model in construction.

When considering the size of the outline, you must consider the size of the package. Both chipsets are 25 x 24mm.

In addition to the package size, you also need to check which generation of CPU the chipset supports. Both chipsets are compatible with the 10th and 11th generation core processors.

is compatible with the 11th generation CPU, so it will use the Rocket Lake architecture. This is the latest form of architecture designed specifically for Intel. Compared with Intel's Comet Lake, it is much faster and has now become the flagship.

When you choose a chipset, there are two main competitors. Although you can choose from several different companies, these are the two most successful.

Before choosing a chipset and motherboard, it is important to remember that the choices you make will have an impact on your build, whether it is new or existing. If you have a new version, you usually have to choose between AMD and Intel, which will affect your choice of GPU and CPU.

If you want to upgrade an existing chipset, you must ensure that it is compatible with the existing components. In this case, both chipsets were made for Intel. That is why it is necessary to check the interface and the socket specifications to ensure compatibility before purchasing.

Intel is a well-known established company. They are a great option for games and their components tend to be a bit cheaper compared to AMD. The

chipset socket is important because it connects your motherboard to other components. It is this slot that determines which types of core processors are supported on the motherboard. Both

chipsets have LGA1200 sockets. This is widely used in newer Intel Core processors and is a popular choice. It is a replacement and upgraded version of LGA1151.

If the plug you selected is not compatible with your new or existing components, you will not be able to use it.

Especially when looking at the chipset, the Z490 has 4 DMI wires to the CPU, which is great. However, Z590 excels in this specification and has 8 channels.

Another difference between the two chipsets is connectivity. Z590 has 10 USB 3.2 Gen 2x1 ports, while Z490 has only 6 of these ports. In addition, Z590 has 3 USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 ports, while Z490 does not. Both chipsets have a built-in LAN, namely MAC. The chipset link of

Z590 is DMIx8, and the chipset link of Z490 is DMIx4. Comparing the two, it is clear that the Z590 is the newer and more forward-looking one of the two. Overall, the chipset may run faster overall.

When choosing between the Z590 and Z490 chipsets, you need to consider a few different features.

Although the built-in Wi-Fi is not an important part of the chipset, it is very important. If the chipset has built-in WiFi, its overall performance will be better. If the motherboard already has WiFi function, this is an additional cost that you do not need to consider.

Z590 and Z490 are equipped with WiFi 6. This is currently the best motherboard WiFi specification. It is the next generation product and certainly worth upgrading. It is much faster than WiFi 6m and more forward-looking.

PCIe interface is an important consideration when considering between chipsets. The standard interface is important because it determines what type of CPU, SSD, and GPU you can use.

Although many components still use PCIe 3.0, this is a bit outdated and is slowly being replaced by PCIe 4.0. If you want to buy a new chipset, we recommend that you upgrade to PCIe 4.0. Both the Z590 and Z490 use this interface, which gives them a future-oriented edge over older chipset models.

In addition to the standard interface, you should also check the number of channels you have. The Z590 has an impressive 20 channels, while the Z490 has a typical 16 channels. More channels give Z590 an advantage over Z490, because it can achieve better communication between motherboard and components.

When looking at the memory speed of a chipset, this is often called the bus speed. This speed is important because

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