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Yakuza like a dragon due for november release

The last game of Yakuji series, widely popular, Yakuza 7, Yakuza 7 is to go to the west launch of this November.

For those who are not familiar with Yakdia, this is the style franchise of the rhythms created by Sega and Toshimi Toshima. According to the world of Yakuji, it is maintained mainly in the fictional area of Tokyo de Camlocho. However, this last title is a clear output of the series in several ways.

Yakuji: Dragon as a dragon is different from other series for a number of reasons. First, we are characterized by the first newly arrived after seeing the end of Yakuji 6 Kiryuji 6. The surroundings have been transferred to Yokohama.

The best perfume is a low class member of a low class that is falling in autumn for crimes that did not commit. 18 years later in 18 years of prison, he did not wait for him, and the clan of him was destroyed by the respected man of him. When he found the truth of the betrayal of his family, the dragon is like one. The labeling is a bizarre group of lateral shot, which includes incorrect, exnurse and host police officers.

Maybe the biggest difference is in the game. It is characterized by a battle role style, not a standard beat behavior seen in other games like Dragon.

If you get tired of your way through the city, there are several classic silk games to adhere to the local arcade. Alternatively, you can keep your head to go to the local people of the Gakkle race around Yokohama. There is at least 50 subsoli to continue entering with the main search.

From Yakuza 2, all series games have published Japanese voices using English subtitles for Western launches. But this time we get a full English dubbing, there is nothing more than George Takei on board. Takei will speak at the head of Yakuji and Masami Arakawa.

Steam While "near Japan", a list of recent Microsoft stores places the release date on November 13, 2020.

This game has a price of $ 59.99 for normal conferences. However, updating HERO EDITION with $ 69.99, the legendary version of the hero is $ 89.99. HERO EDITION has DLC selection and set of legend suits, employment assembly and administration mode. The legendary version of the hero contains all DLC, including all costume sets and additional content in the game on it.

Yakuji: PS4, Xbox One, PC and New Console-Dragon release as launched with PS5 and Xbox Series X. If you buy this game with Xbox One, get the Xbox Series X version for free. Imagine that the PlayStation is similar to what to upgrade to PS5.

Yakuza Fan series? Do you think Yakuza has taken a more RPGStyle approach in this fee? Please, let us know in the following comments.

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