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Xpg levante 240 argb cpu cooler

ADATA kindly sent us the XPG Levante 240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler for review, so we gave it a try and learned about the kind of temperature you can expect under load.

XPG stands for "Xtreme Performance Gear" and is a subsidiary brand of ADATA. XPG is a highly respected brand, primarily known for its RAM and storage devices. The brand has also expanded into various other areas such as peripherals, power supplies, chassis, and of course CPU coolers.

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Good Heat Dissipation Effect

Impressive RGB Fan


Average Acoustic Performance

Basic Pump Design


XPG Raise 240

Socket Bracket

Intel: LGA16161616161616161615LGGA1615LGGA1615 AMD: AM4

Radiator Size x 44mm 272mm

Let's take a look at the specs for the XPG Levante 240 and what you expect from the box itself. The

box is the classic XPG black with some red accents and a large image of the product is displayed on the front. So the box looks good, but the packaging is just packaging. What do we have in it? The

box contains:

The first impression is that, well, it is a 240 mm cooler. We have seen a lot of these, and they all look very similar, especially when uninstalling and shutting down. The heat sink fins are very compact at first glance, but there are 21 gaps between them and other types of fins on the market. The

pump is wrapped in plastic, there is nothing unusual, and has a slightly triangular shape in the center. The XPG logo is located in the center of the pump. To be honest, it looks very basic compared to various competitors. Unfortunately, this did not change much during installation and opening. Of course, the XPG logo will light up, but at this price you can get some very beautiful pump designs from almost every other manufacturer.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, the fan is essentially the best part of this all-in-one machine. Two 120mm ARGB fans are very dynamic, with double rings on both sides, which provide RGB lighting at all visible angles. ARGB is synchronized with most motherboards, and these fans are surprisingly quiet due to fluid dynamic bearings, anti-vibration rubber, and XPG self-starting mechanism.

In general, if its price is much lower than the current prices of major retailers, I would be happy to have the product in my system. We will cover performance later, but the design is largely disappointing, and it doesn't really offer anything unique. The installation of

follows the most popular AIO model, the user must first connect the mounting bracket to the pump. This is a very easy-to-use system, it is basically zigzag, and the stand is easy to remove/open.

We tested the heat sink with AMD CPU, so we need to remove various parts from the motherboard, and then connect the related AM4 bracket for this setting. The whole process is very simple, indicating that any troublesome parts that need to be installed can be easily handled. During the installation process, we replaced the previously applied thermal grease with some internal thermal grease. I'm not saying that the paste in XPG Levante AIO will not do well, but I don't know how long it has been. Although it is not in the CPU, we may have new pastes there. .

I decided to install the radiator on the top of my case to make life easier, so I installed the fan in advance. I made sure to put the cables back in place to hide them after everything is tightened. 240 mm AIOs, such as XPG Levante 240, are very easy to install, mainly because they are suitable for most situations. With all the cables flowing out of the back, it's time to daisy chain them together and plug everything into the correct connectors. Installing this AIO on my system will produce some additional cable management work, but from its appearance compared to the old air cooler, this is a win.

All of our cooling tests are conducted in the studio and completed at an ambient temperature of 23.1 ° C. The measured indoor ambient noise is 36.7 dB and the measured ambient temperature of the PC case is 25 ° C. For testing, we used a fairly standard gaming PC equipped with a powerful AMD Ryzen 9 3900X to run comprehensive idle, load, ambient temperature, and noise level benchmarks. AIDA64 puts pressure on the CPU.

Although the idle temperature is a bit impressive, they are still completely acceptable, but one thing to note is that the noise level is one of the loudest coolers that we have passed the test so far. Surprisingly, in the full test under load, we see that the overall heat dissipation effect is very good and the load CPU temperature reaches 73 ° C. This means that under load, the XPG Levante 240 AIO can be used with some well-known brands to even keep the temperature of the PC case at a low level. Compared to other AIOs, the acoustic variation between idle and load is very small, but since it is already high at the beginning, this AIO still has some of the highest noise levels.

According to the comprehensive benchmark, we see that the results of the game produced similar numbers. The main comparison we saw during testing was the comparison of XPG Levante 240 with 240mm Fractal Designs competitors. Our tests have shown that the XPG model dissipates heat better than the Fractal model, maintaining a lower case temperature in all games we tested. In general, the CPU temperature is kept at a reasonable level, and this radiator can compete with Thermaltake 360mm. Having said that, you just compete by testing the game

When it comes to CPU cooling, AIO is generally reserved for high-end processors. At the higher end is where they make the most sense, because the more powerful CPU puts out more heat. One problem is that the performance of all AIO coolers on the market has barely changed, which means you can make decisions based on build quality, compatibility, and design. With this in mind, the XPG Levante 240 ARGB CPU Cooler is starting to lose itself at its current price point, with other models offering better pump designs. It's worth noting that if you only care about performance and not beauty, you are unlikely to go for this 240mm model.

So yes, an effective CPU cooler, but until the price drops it's hard to recommend it over many other options.

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XPG Levante 240 AIO CPU cooler to provide gamers with efficient cooling under load. The pump design is a bit basic, but it works well aesthetically on a vibrant RGB fan. All in all, this is an effective cooler, but it lacks acoustic performance, and the price is a bit higher, which cannot be recommended in the competition.

Integrated CPU Cooler ADATA XPG Levante 240MM

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