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Xpg battleground xl prime

Most casual gamers tend to ignore the humble peripherals, which are considered less important than other parts of the game settings. While this may be the case for some people, others can benefit from the rapid upgrade of gaming peripherals, especially mouse pads.

In today's article, we will introduce the XPG Battleground XL Prime gaming mouse pad-a large, splash-proof, RGB-driven gaming surface that not only enhances the beauty of the game settings, but also improves your gaming experience. game!

Let's take a look at the comparison of this newly designed mouse pad in terms of build quality, cost performance, and overall performance for gaming and productivity.

So there are still many things to experience, let's not waste time sneaking into them!




900 x 420 x 4 mm


DualLED Strip

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Waterproof Material

Game Aesthetics

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900 x 420 x 4 mm


DualLED strip


black (with red logo)

light effect

dual color LED 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 m connector type

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black voltage



2 years

In terms of design, the XPG Battlegrounds XL Prime mouse pad may be one of the most attractive mouse pads we have reviewed in some time. Although from a design point of view, most surfaces offer very little content, but there is a well-designed TribalEsq logo on the left and the XPG logo on the right.

I mean, the standout design feature of this pad is definitely the RGB lighting that surrounds it. You can change the color through the controller in the upper left corner and choose from several different options to meet your specific requirements. Although not the most vibrant in daylight, RGB is really active in the dark.

From a performance standpoint, XPG Battlegrounds XL is a bit unexpected. Let's quickly review some of these benefits.

The XL design of this mouse pad provides a huge playing surface, which is very suitable for people to play any kind of game. It provides all the space you may need, not only can it accommodate your keyboard and mouse, but it also allows FPS gamers to use extremely low sensitivity.

Splash and scratch resistant CORDURA fabric for the surface feels great for smooth movement. However, for competitive gaming precision, the BG XL (we're calling it now) didn't completely cut the mustard. The mouse feels very unstable on the surface and will occasionally slip when you need precision the most.

That is, it still offers excellent overall build quality and great aesthetics in most cases.

This gives us a good idea of the overall quality of the mouse pad; Honestly, you need to give the go-ahead again in this department.

On the underside of the mat, XPG has installed a grippy non-slip backing, which is effective on almost all surfaces. Also, using a fully detachable braided cable (for RGB), if the user does not want to use this particular function, all cables can be easily removed. One area where

feels a bit lacking in quality is the elastic stitching that holds the RGB strips in place. I think if you use a braided wired mouse this elasticity will start to wear off over time.

Also, since this cushion has a very strong makeup effect, it cannot be laid completely flat on your desk. I have been using this mat for a while, but its edges are still a bit rounded.

In terms of size, XPG gets another positive score from us. It uses a 900mm x 420mm XL design to provide any gamer with all the space they might need, especially suitable for low-sensitivity gamers who need additional space to operate. Additionally, the XPG XL is 4mm deep, which sits fairly flush with the table and won't take away the immersion you get from playing your favorite games.

So guys, we've got a quick review of the awesome XPG Battleground XL Prime Mouse Pad, a sleek, RGB-pumping gaming mouse pad, ticked off a lot of correct boxes.

While this mouse pad is perfect for most gaming (and productivity) scenarios, if you're playing on FPS media, you might want to consider other alternatives. It doesn't provide the precision needed to take the game to the next level.

In other words, if you want a mouse pad that looks good and feels great to use, then XPG Battleground XL Prime should really be the focus of your consideration.




900 x 420 x 4 mm


DualLED Light Strip

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XPG Battleground XL Prime cushion is one of the latest products of the Adata brand. It offers excellent aesthetics and RGB, as well as a large gaming surface and an overall excellent gaming feel. Although this is not the best FPS platform in the world, it feels great for almost any other game and productivity scene.

XPG Battleground XL Prime

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