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Xfx radeon rx 6900 xt speedster merc 319 released

The XFX version of Big Navi graphics card has a slightly more complicated name, but it brings improvements in clock speed and phase design, as well as more advanced cooling solutions to help cope with the ever-increasing performance requirements. The

card is designed with three fans in structure and occupies three chassis expansion slots. Cast aluminum trays are used as clips. This version of the card also has a USB TypeC connector. The

14 + 2 phase PCB layout is more than the 11 + 2 phase in the existing AMD model. Speedster MERC is also equipped with two BIOS switches and an improved "XFX Ghost Thermal" radiator, which is much larger than the original. The cooler is equipped with a series of aluminum fins and seven 6mm heat pipes. Other cooling enhancements include vents on the rear panel to allow one of the fans to push air through the exposed heat sink in this direction. The

needs a thermal upgrade to compensate for the increased pressure on the CPU due to factory overclocking. Compared to the previous one, it makes the basic frequency reach 1925 MHz, the game clock reaches 2105 MHz and increases to 2340 MHz. The standard versions of AMD are 1825 MHz, 2015 MHz and 2250 MHz.

Aesthetically, the 6900 XT Speedster MERC 319 may be one of the most attractive graphics cards we've seen. The design is primarily matte black, with silver trim on the edges, fan intakes, and guards.

Smart Pricing The retail price of this card is typically $ 100 higher than the regular model (ie $ 1,099 vs. $ 999). As with most graphics cards released in 2020, finding one in inventory can be challenging, but the following retailers list XFX Radeon RX 6900 XT Speedster MERC 319:

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