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Xbox series x backward compatible

Microsoft announced that backward compatibility of the upcoming next-generation Xbox Series X console will significantly improve the performance of existing games.

is not satisfied with just making sure that previous generations of games run on the X series. Microsoft said that due to "all the functions of the CPU, GPU and SSD, the game will play better automatically".

Microsoft explained that the game will work on this machine. There is no console in down-frequency or boost mode. Therefore, the game will "run at highest performance" as standard, and the performance of a particular game is better than the best performance they designed on the original launch pad. Gamers can expect higher frame rates, maximum resolution, less load time, and higher visual quality.

In addition to hardware enhancements, Xbox also brings so-called "new platform-level features" without the need for additional work from developers. One of

is the "innovative HDR reconstruction technology", which can automatically add HDR support to the game without affecting the game performance. Interestingly, HDR support not only extends to Xbox One games, but also extends to Xbox and Xbox 360 games.

Xbox Series X project management director Jason Ronald explained: “How the platform itself handles this technology allows us to enable HDR without affecting game performance. We can also apply it to Xbox. 360 and the original Xbox games are Developed nearly 20 years ago, long before the advent of HDR. »

In addition, the Xbox Series X quick recovery function is also suitable for backward compatible games. This feature allows users to quickly switch between games. Quick recovery effectively keeps the game Pause state, so the player can uninterruptedly jump to the last interrupted place within a few seconds.

Another of these new features is doubling the frame rate of backward compatible games. Selected 30 FPS tiles will go up to 60 FPS, while native 60 FPS games can go up to 120 FPS on Xbox Series X. It is unclear how many games will benefit from it, but Microsoft did mention "select games" so this may not be universal.

Microsoft did not elaborate on how it implemented these new features, but promised to share more details when we launch Xbox Series X towards the end of 2020.

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