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Xbox series x amd rdna 2 gpu

Recently, more details about AMD RDNA 2 GPU were exposed. A video from Martin Fuller on DirectX Developer Day reveals the improvements that mesh shaders will make to the GPU rendering process.

Although this video is for other developers rather than gamers, it provides some interesting insights to let us know what to expect from Xbox Series X. The

mesh shader allows you to select invisible objects earlier than when using traditional methods to reduce rendering time.

If there are hidden objects in the game, there is no need to use resources to color them, because the grid shader will allow developers to remove parts of the image that do not need to be displayed.

This reduces the time required to render an object from 102 microseconds to 53 microseconds, and uses mesh shading.

In the video that Martin Fuller used to talk about mesh shaders, he compared the mesh shaders on the Xbox Series X with high-spec PCs using Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GPUs. It clearly shows that a PC with an Nvidia card initially rendered the same scene at a much lower resolution of 72 microseconds, and then dropped to 32 microseconds when using a higher selection algorithm.

However, comparing this PC to Xbox Series X may not be completely fair for a variety of reasons. First, the PC uses a 1440p display, while the Xbox Series X uses a 4k screen. Xbox Series X also uses 256 SIMDs, while the PC only uses 32 SIMD waves.

Either way, it seems that there are some impressive technologies behind Xbox Series X. If we hear more updates or information about Xbox Series X, we will definitely provide you with the latest information before it is released later this year.

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