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Xbox series x

Microsoft's next-gen Project Scarlett now has an official name. Xbox revealed that their new game console scheduled to launch during the 2020 holiday season is called Xbox Series X.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer took the stage to announce this news during the Game Awards, while also letting us see the design. of the game console for the first time. Xbox Series X.

Unlike decades of design choices made by major game console manufacturers, Xbox Series X has striking similarities to PCs, more precisely to the PC Tower. The design always causes disagreements, but it is clear that Xbox has chosen a powerful feature, which provides a game console much larger than what we are used to in the history of home consoles.

We have not yet seen your physical body, so it is difficult to grasp the dimensions. It's as tall as three Xbox controllers and one controller, judging from the short snapshot we learned during the demo. The console can be used horizontally or vertically and is very similar to the current console. The trailer for the

Xbox Series X was also shown, showing the graphic capabilities of the machine. It is very spectacular and heralds a great generational leap.

In addition to the confirmed Halo: Infinite, we also saw the new Xbox Series X game for the first time. Developer Ninja Theory returns to the haunting world of Hell's Blade with a sequel called Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2. Just like the Xbox Series X lens, the trailer is beautiful and it is reported that it was shot entirely in the game.

The details are stunning, especially in terms of character models, facial features, water, breathtaking scenery and weather effects. Especially at one point, we saw a close-up of the title Senua casting a spell, and it looked very realistic. It's hard to tell it apart from high-budget Hollywood movies. We are not exaggerating. The quality is so high.

Of course, it's still a movie trailer so we have to see how it translates into gameplay, but for Xbox Series X, there's a lot of optimism.

Now, the ball is firmly in the hands of Sony's court. It will be interesting to see what the final design of PlayStation 5 looks like and how it compares with Microsoft's efforts.

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