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Xbox series s officially confirmed

Microsoft has officially marked to provide two subspecies of Highend Xbox Series X, and the Xbox console of the next session of the Xbox S. Series S. Series SPECTS and is a Next Generation Console License Transformation. Attractive price points of $ 299.

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We are planning not only a Microsoft but only a next generation is a console that listened to many rumors They had been done for many years. The Xbox X series was officially announced, but this time Microsoft has become more difficult about the possibility of the second low hierarchy entry model. Microsoft has decided to create an official of the presentation, depending on the leakage of the implementation of the presence of the cheap variant of the next generation console.

The official confirmation comes in the form of tweets. There is almost no power to announce a new console, but effectively acquired a message. Microsoft is a lot of light from many exact details of what you can expect from the Xbox S series, but show how the console looks and how much it would be.

The price will be $ 299 at 249.99 pounds in the United Kingdom and € 249.99 in the euro area. It is a fairly positive price that Microsoft wants to stop in the pulse purchase price range, and probably the Shock Shock tag that the Xbox Xbox X series, which is probably accused of its present, reduces some of them.

After the official news of Microsoft, we saw towing leaks from Twitter users with Garfield Avatar. This trailer provides more independent technical information about the S series, and gives it a better idea of how the machine actually performs under the hood.

There is a technical specification related to this.

They have been discarded as a precise launch date, but it will be announced throughout November along with more powerful brothers and sisters X.


This is a curious console launched for Microsoft, and first has launched a completely new platform with a game Exclusive essentially zero. All Microsoft's FirstParty alignments are available on the PC, which are found these days. It is steam or windows store / game pass. There are many advantages and disadvantages for both users and developers on the Versus PC console, but in many aspects they are close to each other. Did you enjoy the player on your PC to leave the gray glory box with the lifestyle of the console, supports the lifestyle of the console? Probably not a huge scale, but I think I think it's attractive for many users who complement a game PC with a console for use in several contexts. Office and bedroom Desktop games, then the consoles of the living room, cheap and quite powerful are probably a good combination. In particular, games such as the first title in Microsoft Mrs., Fort Night, Dust Fate 2, Rocket League, and many people offer some forms of CrossBuewe, Cross-Speech and CrossPlatform Multiplayer. The barriers between the platforms are lower than ever.

Microsoft has many graphic features Xbox SERIES S planning, possibly with the same PC for the X series. Maximum 120 FPS High frame rates are realistic for many years, and the last monitor that matches the release of the NVIDIA 30SERIES card GeForce RTX offers up to 360 Hz Eye-based table rates. Microsoft is talking about 4K increase game for games provided by Sub4K Solution. It will be very interesting to compare with the latest features of NVIDIA DLSS. Up to 8K Series S introduced some interesting new features for consolation spaces, but absolutely, for the experience of the End game, you need to adhere to PC games.

questions will be asked for PC players, but as a supplement that is suitable for existing PC configuration, jumping to the Xbox Game world, or that money goes to the existing system update, it probably selects it, it is recommended that it is recommended that it is recommended that it is recommended that it will. to be. Update to RTX 30Series GPU or a new CPU. It is a matter of priority and preference, but Microsoft has actively established the series actively, as it is worth considering it.

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