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Xbox pandemic impact predictions

Although the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on many aspects of the gaming industry, including event cancellations, game delays and derailed marketing plans, Xbox Director Phil Spencer said that the worst part will not appear until 2021. To the game development plan.

In an interview with Business Insider, Spencer pointed out that the games planned to be launched in the coming months and even fall are on the right track, but the games planned to be launched later will not be able to cope with the new reality brought about by the pandemic.

In particular, Spencer stated that the measures to work from home will have a significant impact on the development of the big budget AAA title. The breadth and scope of these games means that certain aspects of development will be affected by remote work measures, which may cause delays in the release or even unannounced games. The natural assumption that

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be launched at the end of the year is that many of these games will be next-generation games, indicating that the start of what should be an important generational transition is not ideal for the gaming industry.

For example, Spencer noted that motion capture was stopped due to the crisis, and due to social distancing and lockdown measures, on-site capture sessions were nearly impossible to complete. Spencer said that developers who have put in a lot of motion capture work are in a better position because they can continue to work on textures and art, but those who have plans in the coming months can be hit hard. Spencer also mentioned that the soundtrack in the recording process, especially involving large orchestras and symphonies, suffered a similar fate.

Although Spencer's point of view focuses on Xbox Game Studios' own developers, from other AAA studios to smaller independent developers, the situation in the industry is much the same. The shaky motion capture studio and the complete cancellation of recording sessions are just two examples of how the studio needs to adapt. However,

Spencer is indeed optimistic. He expressed his firm belief that the numerous games currently developed in the industry will ensure a steady stream of releases. In the long run, Xbox bosses believe that even if delays become too common next year, the industry will survive.

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