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Xbox one s vs xbox one x

I remember that the choice of which game console to buy was due to a few simple factors...Do we like the brand, does it have the game we want to play, and is the console great? They are simpler (and possibly better) times.

Nowadays, choosing a console is like deciding which hotel to register for your annual Benidorm trip. There are countless different options, and they have a specific set of brushing features and benefits. The lives of avid console gamers have become more difficult. However, in addition to the

analogy, the entire console selection problem (depending on how you look at it) has emerged, thanks to the fact that Microsoft releases a new console almost every year... or so it seems. Over the years, Xbox One has become more refined, and now we have up to 3 models to choose from!

As most of you know, Xbox One X is the latest version of Microsoft's popular game console, and it is on the shelves with impressive features and advantages. However, the big question everyone seems to be asking is whether Xbox One X is worth buying instead of Xbox One S.

Well, we are here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your choice. The

specification is ultimately one of the most important areas of any PC or console game console, so before we continue, I think we should compare the specifications of all 3 Xbox One iterations to understand exactly where they are. Found:

It’s no secret that Xbox One X is a member of the Xbox One family...I mean, its name. However, this means that the main difference between it and Xbox One S lies in internal hardware improvements. This is good news for Xbox One design enthusiasts who want to improve console performance.

In other words, Microsoft has taken measures to try to improve the Xbox One X architecture design. These changes may be subtle, but the overall appearance of X is more stylish and stylish than its predecessor. Microsoft adopted a mineral-like gray design that completely eliminated the familiar textured surface (on Xbox One and S) and replaced it with a smooth glass-like finish. We think it looks very beautiful.

But let us not pay too much attention to the appearance, we would love to know what is under the hood of the Xbox One X and see how it compares to its predecessors.

In short, you are looking for a brand new fully custom AMD GPU with faster CPU speed and clocked at 1.17Ghz. Both One and S have more memory, and we now have up to 12GB of GDDR5 RAM and a higher memory bus. Xbox One X is equipped with a standard 1TB hard drive, multiple output sources, and weighs more than 8 pounds. However, we forgot to mention one of the biggest improvements that Xbox One X has equipped...native 4k! However, we will cover it in more detail later. Now, let us understand this great "new" design in more detail.

As we mentioned earlier, the design changes from Xbox One S to the new Xbox One X are subtle and small. However, they will make a difference in the end, so let's break down these differences in more detail.

First of all, the color changed from white to beautiful gray. Thanks to the new internal fan cooling setting, they have got rid of the perforated texture. The top of the Xbox One X is smooth and rounded, adding a sense of luxury to the new design. On Xbox One S, the fan is placed in such a position, which means that the roof (we call it) must be opened to allow proper airflow. However, since then, Microsoft has developed a new way to cool the console, which means that the fan can be located on the back. The

developers created a high-tech steam chamber inside the console to aid cooling and allow the fan to be placed in a more practical location. Older Xbox One and S models don’t have this luxury, and if you put things on top of the console, it’s easy to overheat. This is not ideal. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem.

Xbox One S and X have a power supply installed inside. Yes, this means there are no bulkier PSU blocks around the cables. They can be stored vertically and horizontally according to personal preference, and have the same input and output sources.

I think Microsoft spends much less time on aesthetics and more time on actual internal issues, which is a huge plus for me.

We all understand the importance of aesthetics, especially in the market now covered by bright and attractive products. However, for me, the real appeal of a console or equipment is internally, because it will ultimately have the greatest impact on the overall gaming experience.

Everyone now (probably) knows what 4k and HDR are and how they affect your immersive gaming experience, so in my opinion, it is very important to understand how each console performs in these areas. Let’s take a look at Xbox One S first.

When S was released, promotional marketing showed that it was capable of 4k games and video output, which was technically possible. But let's try to deal with it more technically.

has different forms of 4k, and they have different performance levels.

Pixel stretch does this. S actually outputs up to 1080p, but to reach 4K, you have to stretch every pixel to fill the screen. Obviously, this will reduce the overall image quality and clarity of the screen.

Now Xbox One X is based on its beautiful new hardware components,

can display 4k locally, which means you can experience true 4k visuals without upgrading. Not bad, right? Well, we think so anyway. If you've never experienced real 4k, you really missed it. The immersion you can get is much higher than that of a 1080p console. Especially when you pair it with the high dynamic range that comes with S&X. For those of you who don't know,

HDR is a wider color gamut that can display deeper darkness and brighter white. Both S and X can use the HDR color gamut, which means your images will naturally look more realistic.

We have some great articles on HDR and 4k, if you don’t understand these features, it’s worth reading.

As we just discussed, S and X both have the ability to output 4K video and games, but the performance levels of the two are different. Obviously, the higher the resolution, the better the image quality. It's that simple. However, it is worth mentioning that you still need a 4k HDR monitor or television to view these images in the most complete way. Getting an Xbox One X and playing it on a 17-inch 720p monitor is superfluous. But I think you know, right? The

frame rate is once again the biggest factor affecting your gaming experience, and 9 times out of 10 it's directly related to resolution. Why you ask? Because 4k requires more computing power to run than 1080p. So what frame rate can we get from these game consoles?

The older Xbox One and One S run the game at 30 frames per second, which will look perfect to the naked eye. In other words, most games played on high-end PCs can handle 200 frames or more. Historically, both Xbox One and One S have some FPS issues. People will experience "lag" or jitter because the game's FPS is not high enough.

Using Xbox One X, this should not be a problem. Microsoft has said that regardless of the game name and console voltage, X can perform 4k video output and 60FPS games. This is good news for TVs and monitors in the new era, because most of them run at 60Hz. If this doesn’t make any sense to you, read our great article on how FPS and refresh rate affect each other. The

high dynamic range is an important feature of any game console, TV, game monitor or PC. In short, it allows your device to display a wider range of colors by using different color gamuts. In turn, this helps to create a more realistic image on the screen.

Bright light becomes brighter and more accurate, while dark areas become darker and more realistic. If you want the best gaming experience and true immersion, we recommend that you choose a device that supports HDR. Unfortunately, Xbox One does not have this feature. However, both Xbox One S and X are fine, which is great news for anyone looking for an update.

It is worth mentioning the potential of using your new Xbox as a home theater system. Obviously, you must have a pretty good TV or monitor to display images, but if you do, both Xbox One S and X can be excellent home entertainment devices. Especially now that Netflix and Youtube can be streamed in 4K format directly through the app.

One of the best features of the new Xbox One series is compatibility with previous versions. Of course, we are referring to games. All your Xbox One games can be played on the latest Xbox One X and vice versa. If you are a 360 user, you can also access your game library through the Xbox One model and play some specific games. Good news for those who are still playing Gears of War!

Utilizing the extraordinary features of Xbox One X now depends on Microsoft game developers. It doesn't make sense to buy a dance console without games for real 4k and full HDR playback, right?

In other words, consumers can access a pretty good list of games using 4K and HDR. You may need to do some research beforehand to ensure that your new game has this support.

In order to quickly touch the controller, if you don’t know, the Xbox One controller has been modified for the S and X models of the console. Improvements have been made in areas such as Bluetooth and ergonomic design, and I am behind by 2 features. When you want to pair the controller with Steam or PC, Bluetooth makes life easier.

Ok, let's see how much the consoles cost and their availability in today's market. Well, let's start with Xbox One X first. Currently, you can buy this game console from companies like Amazon for approximately US $ 370.00 (USD). It is worth mentioning that this is a considerable improvement compared to products such as the Xbox 360 / One

. That said, the current retail price of the Xbox One S in similar markets is approximately $ 220.00 (USD). So I think the question is whether it is worth choosing X instead of S. It all comes down to

There are televisions and monitors, both 4K and HDR, and you aim to achieve the highest immersive level of the game and then save Xbox One X and go to Xbox One X, S You can generate a 4K format, and there will be no

. X. In addition, S is much more powerful and now you can now press the frame where X can be X on a higher CPU / GPU scenario.

If you can search for the best Xbox money, get Xbox One X.

Xbox One S is a completely digital console. Given this, you can not play the game using a disc at all. This also means that you can not see the DVD using the console.

This console does not necessarily have a disk drive. As you can only download the game on the device, it is a costly lower cost than the Xbox One standard series. This is great if you are in the budget.

But you need to be able to buy all the games digitally, so you can not use the physical games of the offers. Without a physical disk, the potential of the disc can be damaged over time.

In addition to this, the weight of the alldigital Xbox is lower and less because it does not have a disk drive.

If you are trying to buy Xbox, you may not notice that a 4K game is possible. Supports many 4K features, but this does not mean you need to have TV 4K and monitor. It means you can play it using a 4K resolution.

Xbox One S You can use the resolution of 1080p. Most of an Xbox function is done using a resolution of 1080p. This is ideal for games.

If you are trying to play completely with 4K, Xbox One S does not support this. Only Xbox One X is executed. You can use 4K TV using Xbox, but you do not have to update an existing TV at all.

Yes, Xbox One S is compatible with the Xbox 360 game. However, it is worth all Xbox 360 games considering that they are not compatible with the delay. Some games enabled games include Assassin beliefs, battlefields, obligations, Fallout 3 and Halo.

If you have some compatible games back in the disk format, you can not play them in Xbox One S. This can be disappointed if you have many old games.

, but if these games are downloaded from the Xbox store, or if they buy them before, you can reinstall it and play with Xbox One S. This is a wonderful feature that many Xbox users have.

If you are not familiar with Jailbreak, it includes placing third-party software on the console. This software is not valid and, in fact, it is illegal to Jailbreak on the console. It is classified illegally in the 1998 digital millennium method.

If the console can jailbreak, you should do this, not if it can be done. If this is pretty hot for Microsoft security, it is very difficult to hack the Xbox One S.

, and if you are using the

QHD screen, you can learn that Xbox can admit that I can. Resolution of 1440p Most games still tend to use 1080p, but this is possible if you are trying to use the 1400P resolution.

When Microsoft launched this information in 2018, many people in the game community were surprised if it was programmed to be added to the last Nextgen console.

Since Xbox can support a resolution of 1080p, 1440p and 4K, this will allow you to access more players. This means that you can use 1440p monitors and you do not have to worry about changing your monitor.

Xbox 1 S can be used at an update speed of 120 Hz. This was attractive to many players. This offers a wonderful image.

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