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Xbox 2 release

Microsoft was confirmed that I worked with Xbox 2 Xbox 2 in E3 2019. Project Codenamed Project Scarlett, this new console is a powerful GameHechanger that can even execute PS5 A for that money, it is established. But how long do we really know about Xbox 2? Please read to find.

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This means that it is likely to compete directly with the PS5 versions that are expected to begin at the same time. Looking back at the previous version of Xbox, it seems standard at the end of November, and this will completely increase with what we already know. I am writing your Christmas list 2020. Even if there are not

days, I know that the console begins with a new infinite game halo along it. Perfect Christmas gift for players who love good shooters.

We still do not know many games that we can expect to start with Xbox 2, but what we know what we know may surprise it, this was VR. After focusing on VR's introduction on the Xbox One X console, Microsoft has revealed that there is no plan to include VR functions in Xbox 2. Technology with previous PS4 consoles.

But there is some game information to discuss, not under the side.

Games This game announced at the 2019 Awards is exciting and is visually wonderful. It will be launched along with the new console in the second half of this year. This is thrown simultaneously on the Xbox, Xbox 2 and PC games. However, there is no word for it is only available through the Microsoft store.

Microsoft has already verified that Halo Infinite is published with the next console. It is the only game that we know we can start with Xbox 2 until now, but we have theory about other titles are participating in it. As we have Xbox two, we were hungry for the last details of the Hello Game, but I look carefully for both next year.

OK, so this is a total specification. However, we were not surprised that Xbox was adjusted to the release of the next console because he does not have up to one of the most popular zombie games. Of course, Dining Light 2 is not an Xbox luxury game. So this can get it beyond that in Sony PS5. I just want it.

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox 2 has backward compatibility up to Xbox 360. It will be available for all old games that is enrapped soon to play the launch date. The 360 games rely on the support of developers, but this is trying to work for the Xbox Xbox and work for ancient libraries.

Xbox 2, or everything I heard about the Scarlett project, this expects that this serious serious console. Xbox One X can already play 4K titles, but Microsoft says Xbox 2 is four times powerful as predecessor. So let's see the type of Xbox 2 specification that we can expect to see.

This is really surprising that it is as strong as Xbox 1 X. especially because PS5 has come out in a similar claim. If applied when it comes to 8k, they expect to operate the game with 120 fps.

O, there is no true surprise. Raytracing is a prerequisite for soxgen consoles and games at this point. Thanks to the Nvidia RTX graphics card and the release of the Xbox 2 and PS5 next year, it is expected that the Late Drawst in real time is a new standard for the game around the board.

One of the main approaches of the new trailers for Xbox 2 is around the import time to significantly reduce the loading time. They claim that they claim this new integrated SSD. This is a big problem for RPG players like me. While you are waiting for you to reach it, you will not be one of your thumbs on your unpleasant load scene while I expected you to reach you.

Out of PlayStation Player than Xbox, if it is PlayStation Player or avoids a console such as the plague, the details around Xbox 2 are exciting. Graphics, loading speed, loading speed, late compatibility and some great games on the horizon, what do you love? It may be time to adapt to the new consoles to take dust and central stages in 360 days.

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