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World war z dronemaster updates lands july 22nd

Developer Saber Interactive announced that a new update will work with the third-person shooter World War Z. The update is called Dronemaster and will arrive in the game on Wednesday, July 22. It's free for all PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players. While update

includes new content, more importantly, it will eventually extend cross-play to PlayStation 4. The March "cross-play" update introduces PC and Xbox One features, promising PlayStation 4 support to come later. In terms of context, Saber postponed crossover play in November of last year. After the update goes live, players on PS4, PC, and Xbox One will be able to invite each other to unite against the army of the undead.

As Saber explained:

"Join PS4, Xbox One and PC to turn the tide in the sea of the undead. Invite your friends to your party, no matter what platform they are playing on." The

Dronemaster update also features the Dronemaster class. We currently know very little about this new class, except that it will include a quadrotor drone that will follow the player to help protect the area, protect allies, and provide useful gains. A short teaser GIF posted on Twitter showed a gamer obscured by the aforementioned drone. Saber calls it the "flexible" category, which means a wide range of gaming applications.

Saber also hinted at an advanced combat weapon to be used in World War Z, but did not elaborate on the weapon. The new exclusive weapon pack will also arrive on July 22. It is a standalone DLC that includes four weapon skins inspired by popular characters. The

Dronemaster update also introduced a prohibition system for WWII. It has a code of conduct and the ability to report and block players. "We all want to play in a safe and fun environment, free from harassment, intimidation, deception, exploitation, etc." Saber explained, "In other words, it is good for others."

Saber also explained in detail about these A number of human influences violate the new code of conduct:

"Players who do not follow the code of conduct may be prohibited from accessing WWII online features (including Private matches). Offline games will continue to be available. When banned, players will receive an in-game message stating the reason for the ban and the time to restore online mode. The

player ban will initially last 3 hours, and the subsequent ban will be 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days and then permanent. Players can still enjoy the fun of "Zombie World War" in offline mode when they are excluded from the internet. Players suspended for cheating will be treated more severely. For these players, online access will be restricted first to 24 hours, then 7 days, then 30 days, and then permanent restrictions.

Given how close we are to launching the Dronemaster update, we can expect Saber to release tips on new content in the coming days.

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