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World record ddr4 6ghz ram overclock

In what constitutes the number one in the world, the respected overclocker Toppc has successfully overclocked DDR4 RAM to 6 GHz. Despite the heroic efforts and perseverance of many elements in the overclocking community, no one has accomplished this feat until now. One week, even though they have already come off. In terms of

components, the glory goes to G.Skill. Using the manufacturer's 8GB Trident Z Royal RAM, MSI MPG Z390I Gaming Edge AC motherboard, Intel Core i99900K CPU and nitrogen cooling system to manage the excess heat generated, Toppc can increase the frequency of RAM. DDR4's amazing 6.0168MHz (3008.4MHz to be precise, because its basic clock is only half of its capacity). As expected,

G. Skill was ecstatic to hear this news. Tequila Huang, vice president of G Skill, said: "Achieving DDR46000MHz has always been our goal, and we are very pleased to be able to achieve this important milestone with MSI."

Given that the company is known for providing the best memory on the market, not to mention the inherent overclocking potential of its products, few people would be surprised to use the G Skill module to achieve this milestone.

As for our next development direction, we are still a while away from manufacturers shipping DDR4 with a base frequency of 6 GHz, due to the inherent difficulties in reaching those speeds that Toppc emphasized. Once memory makers have transplanted the technology that has been the core GPU memory technology for some time, DDR5 appears to be a fertile ground that can quickly surpass the 6GHz milestone that has not been reached so far.

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