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Witcher 4 release date rumors and news

Witcher 4 Launched, Rumor and News

Witcher, Thanks to the future version of the Witcher Netflix series, is in the news at this time, but as we are excited to be a show, in the series another promise of the game is what we want. Look. However, the CD Projekt Network pours all the energy into Cyber Punk 2077, and the news around the sequel is scarce.

But it is not all the bad news. When I expected a launch of Witch 4, there were some tips and clues, and we put them all in one place, so it does not have to go through hours of research.

The release of ps5 that is rumored to be released in ps5 rumored in the second half of 2020, is just looking at 4 witch games before it. It does not mean that they release the sequel to the popular games in the dining system. This is especially true if you notice other large Studio titles by freeing in 2020 and other large Cyberpunk 2077 titles. This is not true to see the 4 launch of the witch before 2021.

formally, even if the game exists, all Conjectures from the release date are so worse. However, the studies have announced that they were working on the second Title of AAA RPG with the Cyberpunk 2077 released after it. So it is still quite optimistic that Witch 4 has already developed.

Just warning Here we are trying to pursue the spoiler for the end of Witcher 3. One of the great things about

Witcher 3 was the number of purposes available for you as a player. However, any of whom landed, this is that this is marked at the end of Geralt's story. The first three Games of Witcher are always designed to act as traces, and the triples require the end. So, where does this come from the story of 4 witch 4? First in

, we will need a new hero. There are several options that can work on this scenario. It is interesting to follow them through the necessary trials to be presented to a new character and need to be a witch, or in the world to jump to one of the other existing watches.

Some people have expressed beliefs when the next game followed the history of Ciri, but we are convinced that this is convinced that this is true. One of the witch trails 3 is the death of the Ciri, which means that the next game is significant, just returning to a small fan service.

I would like to be able to give more specific answers to this question. While the studies denied that they were working in some cases, they talked about how long they want to do it. So we do not know that this game is really created. It surprises me more if it was done. The witch is such a successful franchise, and adding a new Netflix program, this did not seem at the best time to reach the end, as long as the game has been released.


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