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Wireless vs wired keyboard

The gaming keyboard is an often overlooked peripheral device, it will have a huge impact on your gaming results. The truth is that the keyboard is essential, but what should you do? Wireless or wired, which is better to play? Well the answer is not as black and white as you think. Both types of motherboards have similar switch types, sizes, and great features, like RGB, but what about performance?

Although the wireless gaming keyboard can provide the universal convenience of cutting the power cord, it sits on your desk and is not as active as a wireless mouse or headset. Also, wireless technology in the past can suffer from interference, and of course the battery drains!

Despite these shortcomings, wireless technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and can provide a level of performance similar to wired technology. The final choice depends on your personal needs as a gamer and your bank balance.



The main reason for purchasing a wireless keyboard is purely for convenience and to keep the setup clean. The results of a fully wireless setup are always impressive and the absence of clutter is acceptable to everyone. The

Wireless Gaming Keyboard has slow response speed and significant lag, which is too unreliable for competitive gaming players. However, casual gamers can get a lot of uses from wireless keyboards because reaction time and accuracy aren't that important. The

latency is now advertised as lag-free, but the truth is that there is still a lag when comparing a wireless keyboard to a wired model. If you need to react instantly in game, latency is a big problem. Some brands like Logitech have impressive wireless technologies that are reliable enough to be enjoyed at a high level, but the most affordable options on the market can keep you behind the enemy.

If you are planning to buy a wireless gaming keyboard, an important factor to check is the battery life. If your keyboard starts to run out of battery power, this may cause performance issues, so you always want to keep your baby in a good state of charge.

Most wireless gaming keyboards use USB receivers to work with 2.4 GHz connections, such as mice and headsets. Although manufacturers try to solve the interference problem head-on, interference is likely to occur because so many wireless technologies are often running in the same room. For high-quality products, this rarely happens, but it is important to note that it can happen and may delay serious gamers.



Most gamers who don't care about cables and settings will have a wired keyboard on their desktop. For professional games that rank high in their respective titles, milliseconds can be the total difference in 1 vs 1, so in theory the responsiveness of the wired model is always among the best.

Wiring vs. Wireless, is there a price difference? Well, something like that. You'll find that even compared to the best wired gaming keyboards on the market, the best wireless gaming keyboards will cost you a penny.

For wireless models, you have to pay for the added technology and the convenience of being cordless, but ultimately it's up to you if it's worth it.

To better understand this, take the SteelSeries Apex 7 wired mechanical gaming keyboard as an example. This keyboard is arguably one of the best gaming models we've seen in a long time, with responsiveness, functionality, and an unprecedented excellent design. Apex 7 is an expensive motherboard, but it's still around $ 50 cheaper than the Logitech G915 wireless gaming keyboard. 50 US dollars! That's a gaming mouse or money, you can spend on better quality components.

The answer is still programmed, but this is only for enthusiastic players who are at the top or want to reach the top. The fact is, the rest of us hardly notice the subtle differences in latency or interference, because our skills aren't that perfect.

So, with this in mind, the best for the game will really become the best for you and your money. If you can get rid of the cables on the back of the desk, just use a wired keyboard and you'll have more options, and never have to worry about lugging things around!

Wireless vs. What should you do with a wired keyboard to play games? If money is not an issue and you want the ultimate Zen setup I can of course see the appeal of wireless gaming keyboards, they look great. This also applies to gamers who don't care about responsiveness, lag, or interference in all these discussions.

The fact is that wireless technology will continue to gain traction, you will no longer notice the difference and cutting the cable will look great.

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