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Wireless mechanical keyboards

In professional and amateur games, the keyboard is the secret weapon of every game player. This is your gun, blaster, lightsaber, or fist. This is the reason for them to come in, and the reason for them to live.

Not all keyboards are the same. The

mechanical keyboard offers real advantages, including playability, durability, certainty of response, and robustness under extreme pressure that the player puts on the keyboard for a long time.

But which one is the best?

We have selected the best, fastest response and most powerful products for you to use.

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Excellent wireless connectivity from the industry's leading keyboard manufacturers. The

aluminum frame and low-profile switches combine strength, lightness, and excellent response time in a keyboard that has just about it all.

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full-size keyboard, with excellent ergonomic design, multiple switches and an aluminum panel, which can remain durable for hours of gaming. The high-speed wireless connection backed by Bluetooth creates an excellent and responsive keyboard. The

full-size keyboard is mainly made of plastic, but with an aluminum panel, giving people a sense of strength. Two tilt settings and a detachable wrist rest give it an ergonomic design that Logitech lacks, so you can continue shooting Razer until the celebrity cow returns home.


from Amazon. The small, highly portable keyboard weighs far more than its weight. The

60% form factor is useful for gamers on the go, and the Bluetooth connection allows Anne Pro 2 to connect to multiple machines.

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highly programmable keyboard on Amazon with six switch options and 72 hours of battery life. The

K6 is a 65% aluminum keyboard that combines a smaller size and unparalleled lightness. Provide complete NKRO when wired, and 6KRO when wireless.


full-size Logitech keyboard on Amazon with Lightspeed wireless connection and dedicated multimedia controls. It is the only keyboard on our list that does not include RGB backlighting.

What takes the G613 off our list are a few things it doesn't have. You can reprogram a few keys here, of course, but only six.

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What factors do we use to determine the best wireless mechanical keyboard? There are some elements that affect the experience of the players. The construction of the

keyboard can follow one of several options.

None of the keyboards on our list has a total size of less than 60%. We will study the diversity of these form factors and discover the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Switches is a complete language for gamers. The switches under each key on the keyboard provide tactile and audible feedback when pressed. However, the resistance required to press the button and the sound that is produced when the button is pressed vary depending on the manufacturer and the color of the switch.

Each color has its own characteristics. We will tell you which switches are options for each keyboard and their meaning.

Ghosting is what happens when you press two or more keys at the same time and the keyboard records only one of the keys. AntiGhosting is the ability of the keyboard to allow multiple input, which can be input individually or in the order of recognition.

RGB only means red, green and blue. The RGB keyboard has a programmable backlight. This is important on gaming keyboards, because certain combat situations require an orderly attack, requiring certain combinations of colors or sequences.

These are dedicated keyboard keys that allow you to play, pause, and change the volume of the media. This may seem trivial, but it is useful for immersing yourself in the game world, collecting clues, etc. Gamers with dedicated multimedia buttons on the keyboard can see and hear everything in immersive clarity with just a few taps of their fingers.

NKRO is the evolution of anti-ghosting. Here N is a number, usually written as a number, such as 6KRO, to show how many keys can be pressed at the same time before the keyboard is "locked" or before any key is processed.

Don't be fooled when choosing a wireless mechanical keyboard. Size matters. Would you like to play with a 60% model, all models are cute and simple, but its size exceeds expectations? 80% or Tenkeyless is talking to you, not full, but big enough to have good battery life and a sturdy build.

Or are you an absolute Fullsizer, with all the possible ergonomic advantages, but also all the potential bulk? Find the position you are most satisfied with on the keyboard size and then pan it perfectly from there.

How wireless do you want to be? Do you want a keyboard that can be used wired when you need it, or are you just looking for freedom? If the latter, it makes sense to ensure that you don't rely entirely on Bluetooth to support wireless freedom-in addition to Bluetooth, you can also look at models with your own custom wireless connections. Because where the keyboard cannot communicate with the game, it is almost a sandwich board. The

RGB backlight is not only beautiful. It can help players plan to move, attack, and even help them get out of key combinations in the game. Of course, you can get a wireless mechanical keyboard without RGB backlighting. You know, without it, you will lose the ability to improve the game through the backlight.

When it comes to switches, you have a preference. Everybody does this: it's a natural feeling, a certain kind of change feels "good." Although it may not be worth giving up on a perfect keyboard, if you can find the wireless mechanical keyboard of your dreams, check to see that it can be used for the kind of switch response you are looking for.

Integrated storage: up to 5 profiles

Wrist rest


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Kailh Box Red switch



Wrist rest

Not included

Other features

Long battery life, unlimited Customizable Amazon / Wireless options 44

Compact design

68 keys


Wireless and wired dual mode


All devices

Battery capacity

4000mAh, lasts up to 72 hours

Lighting options


4 4 4 4 4 RGB 4 Amazon 4 4 4 RGB 4 4 G 4 Roman switch 4 4 RGB 4 4 G 4 4 G 4 4 RGB 4 4 G 4 4 G 4 4 G 4 R 4 4 G 4 4 G 4 Roman switch Switch

RomerG switch


Wrist rest

Rubber wrist rest soft

Other functions

Dedicated volume and media keys, 6 programmable macro keys

Amazon Store

Connection technology

Bluetooth, USB

Inter mechanical switch 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 Mechanical key 44 44 44 44 44 Wireless programmable




Dedicated media control


Amazon Store


The aluminum body Aircraftgrad provides you with a very sturdy keyboard

Lightspeed wireless technology can help you get almost wired response speed

Custom animation allows you to type multiple combinations to improve gameplay

Bluetooth means you have multiple connection options


is so ergonomic as 2 × 4, so if you wear it for hours, you may feel sore

G915 adopts Tenkeyless form factor. The fuselage is made of aircraft grade aluminum and slim switches, which combine strength, solidity and lightness, allowing you to easily take it anywhere you want to play.

G915 also brings "Lightspeed" wireless connection to your gaming group, so you don't need to carry a few feet of cable with you. When the RGB light is on, the battery life between two charges is about 40 hours, so you will likely need to charge it long before the G915.

Lightspeed features Lightsync, which allows you to customize each button on the G915, and can create custom animations in up to 16.8 million colors, so you can enjoy the game.

In terms of switches, you have three main options: GL Clicky, GL Tactile, and GL Linear. For the most demanding games, we recommend using GL Tactile, because you get more physical certainty when responding to keystrokes. If you're playing in a noisy environment, the GL Clicky is also a viable option, so you can get an audio response to your actions. The

G915 allows you to fully control your media via dedicated media keys and the borderless volume wheel, so you can easily and discreetly play, pause, change the volume, skip or mute it.

You can connect G915 to multiple devices using Lightspeed or Bluetooth. In fact, you can easily switch between the two to ensure the best connection.

Of course, this is a flat keyboard without obvious ergonomic design. But in general, G915 combines durability, style and high technology to become our first choice for the best wireless mechanical keyboard.



button number


button number



Doubleshot ABS

integrated memory

hybrid integrated storage: up to 5 profiles

wrist rest


buy Amazon


tilt And wrist rest adjustment

ultra-high-speed wireless and standard Bluetooth provide you with multiple connection options

switch options range to provide you with your favorite tactile feedback


bulky transportation experience

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro can make Logitech G915 serious Run your money. The

full-size keyboard is mainly made of plastic, but with an aluminum panel to give it a sense of power. Two tilt settings and a detachable wrist rest provide you with an ergonomic design that Logitech lacks, so you can continue shooting with Razer until the celebrity cow returns home.

BlackWidow provides you with RGB lighting, and allows you to program the keys with macros, and you can achieve the feeling of doing it yourself with the push of a button. It also comes with dedicated multimedia keys, allowing you to control all the sound and visual elements of the game.

When it comes to switches, we will choose the clickable Razer Green option: to balance the audio signal with fast response. If this does not work for you, try the linear and relatively quiet Razer Yellow. Do you like your half cup of coffee? Choose Team Razer Orange - Most of the touch, less clicks.

V3 Pro also has some impressive connection options, supporting Razer's Hyperspeed technology and standard Bluetooth via a dedicated receiver. All of these combine to form an excellent wireless mechanical keyboard. But the full keyboard is difficult to carry. With the wrist rest, it starts to look like you're coming for the night.

However, V3 Pro has its own advantages in terms of connectivity, speed, switching options, media control, and additional features. Adding an ergonomic design can keep gamers healthy, but it will increase the size of the original, first-class keyboard.


Kailh Box Red Switch



Wrist Rest

Not Included

Other Features

Ultra Long Battery Life, Wired / Wireless, Unlimited Customizable Options

Amazon Store


Small Customizable Backlight Combination for 44 To enhance the experience

USB connection is used as a fully wired option to save battery


Bluetooth connection only

needs to be charged every 8 hours

Welcome to Gaming For Hobbits. Anne Pro 2 is our leading 60% form factor keyboard. Anne Pro 2 cuts a large number of keys (including most navigation keys, dedicated arrow keys, and the entire row of functions) to provide you with a table that is light and small enough to be easily carried anywhere. But this does not translate into any

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