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Wired vs wireless gaming mice

Although the gaming mouse industry has almost completed its quest for a truly perfect game, many gamers today still find themselves asking an age-old question: Should I choose a wired or wireless gaming mouse?

In the past decades, this problem has affected many people and consumers are trying to determine if the benefits of wireless technology really outweigh the decline in game performance they sadly lost.

With that said, due to huge technological advancements, the gap between wired and wireless gaming mice is now less obvious. Today's mice are equipped with new technology that provides Lightspeed connectivity and nearly unlimited battery life, making wireless gaming mice more popular than ever. Additionally, wireless mice now bring excellent gaming performance to the desktop, and they really make their wired alternatives worthwhile.

Since the current batch of high-performance gaming mice gives consumers a headache when deciding which one to choose, we think we can put this article together to explain the difference between wired and wireless gaming mice. We will study the main specifications that affect gaming performance, the main differences between the two technologies, and whether you should choose wired or wireless the next time you buy a gaming mouse.

So, with this in mind, let's stop wasting time and dive right into it.

Many people already know the main difference between wired and wireless gaming mice: one uses a cable and the other does not. That said, the factors that separate the two technologies are far more than those that are visible to the naked eye.

For novice gaming mouse users who do not understand the more complex differences between these two technologies, we outline the main advantages and disadvantages of the two below.







As you can see from the table above, although wireless has come a long way from its humble beginnings, today when comparing wired gaming mice and wireless , The main difference can still be observed. Although this may seem negative for wireless gaming mice, when comparing gaming performance, you may be surprised to find that the difference is so small.

In the past few years, gamers have a very simple choice when choosing a mouse. For example, if you play fast-paced FPS shooting games or games that require precise positioning, you would choose a wired gaming mouse. People choose wired gaming mice because they provide lower input latency, zero interference, and in most cases are designed to be lighter-all of these are important factors that affect gaming performance. Ten years ago, choosing a wireless mouse was considered suicide in competitive games.

Having said that, fast forward to today and we find ourselves in an era when wireless gaming mice are one of the best on the market, equipped with the same high-performance specifications as we see in alternatives. Gone are the days when wireless mice were only considered for general or office use. Today, we have a large selection of high-performance gaming mice to make your choice more difficult.

With this in mind, now may be a good time to compare the top gamers in the wired and wireless mouse category. This should give you a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of these mice.

We will be comparing the Logitech G Pro wireless mouse (one of the most popular gaming mice in the world) to the Razer Deathadder V2 (probably the most popular wired gaming mouse right now).

At first glance, you might be thinking that there is not much difference between the two mice; you are right to think so. However, when you look at the price difference, you will quickly understand why this decision has become so difficult.

If we can measure the price / performance in a reliable and accurate way, you will certainly see that the Razer Deathadder V2 destroys the G Pro in terms of price / performance.

The difference between the two sensors these mice are equipped with is basically not obvious; If you're honest, so is its size. At this stage, the only real benefit of a wireless gaming mouse is the absence of cables and a slight reduction in weight; in this case, the weight is 2 grams. Everything else is very similar.

Obviously, the Logitech G Pro is packed with many additional features, such as switchable buttons and Powerplay support, but these will not affect you as a gamer. When it comes to original gaming field performance, there really isn't much of a difference between these two great gaming mice.

With all of this in mind, it's worth mentioning that as the price range gradually drops, the difference in gaming performance begins to widen. Wired mice provide better sensors and build quality. If you take a closer look at budget and mid-range wireless mice, you'll start to see the sacrifices made by manufacturers to keep prices at a manageable level. And, unfortunately, it is usually an area that greatly affects the performance of the game.

If at this stage of this article you are confused about some of the technical terms used above, don't worry, we will explain the meaning of each technical specification and how they affect you as a gamer. So, with this in mind, let's get right into it!

When it comes to gaming mice, the most important technical specification in determining raw performance should be the sensor. The sensor determines the precision of the mouse and its ability to track its movements; These are two key elements when playing most computer games.

sensors have been thematic

When comparing budget sensors at high ends.

As a general rule of gold, you will want to choose a mouse that provides the best possible sensor if you play a quick shooter and a FPS title as much as possible. For other game styles such as MMO, RPG and RTS, you do not have to worry about it being your next mouse. The

dpi or points per inch are simple ways to measure how sensitive mice are sensitive, providing greater sensitivity to provide higher DPI. This is usually floating by the manufacturer as a marketing tool, but it did not really have a great impact on its performance of the game. I have

, why do you discuss it? Well, the answer is exactly that. Manufacturers use DPIS as a DPI mouse set as a great sales tool, the latest product is as high as 20,000 dpi. If you are a newcomer of the game mouse, you may think that 20,000 dpi may sound much better than 12,000. However, in real situations, it must be greater than 1,200 extreme cases can be 2,000.

underlined is this, all sensors have the ability to provide more than enough sensitivity to their specific needs. Not aspirated by the DPI marketing.

For me, the shape of the game mouse is the second important feature equipped with it. Because it greatly affects its outdoor performance, you must choose a game mouse for your grip style and size. If you select an optimized mouse for the size of the hand / grip style, we have a serious disadvantage for competitive game titles.

Mice with cable and wireless come in various shapes and sizes, so it will begin to find your hands and grip rights. However, the mouse he bought can be the difference between victory and lost the loss to make sure it is correct for his grip. The weight of

has become much more important in the last five years. Mouse manufacturers now have resources for mice manufacturers to lighten mouse without losing light. Having a light mouse is theoretically more agile, reacting the enemy and allows a longer practice.

As a general rule, we recommend a light mouse (Master Cooler Master MM711 / Roccat Kone Ultra) for competitive FPS titles such as CS: Go. Since other game styles are based on the reaction time and they are pointed out, the weight does not play an important role.

When referring to a mouse, latency is registered by sending a particular command (for example, sends) a specific command (for example,) a PC. Now, the difference between today's wireless and wireless technology is not significant, but still plays an important role in our decision-making process.

In most cases, cable mice will show lower latency because the signal is sent through a physical cable. On the FLIP side, Wireless uses wireless technologies, so it may delay or interfere with the signal to a PC during that course.

This is probably the only advantage of playing the only Victoria game, while Player Professional ESPORTS needs any advantage that they can almost always get the options for cable connections.

IPS represents an inch per second, and the sensor refers to how to trace the movement it performs. For example, a mouse with 400 IPS tracking accuracy is theoretically capable of tracking the 400-inch movement. Basically, the higher the numerical value, the faster the sensor is.

Finally, choose whether to go to the game mice with cable or wireless will appear in a specific need, and give priority to the actuation of the rough game. 9 out of 10, the mice of the cable game are trying to provide a good performance of the game at the end of the day, slightly alone. They have low delays at the entrance, they generally provide a light construction design, and will probably keep some quids even if it is removed. The

is still the mouse of the wireless game if it still prioritizes the wetting, the versatility and the user experience. As you can see in the best comparison of mice from the wireless Game vs Wired VS, there is no dough that separates two types of mice. The only main factors of today are the price difference between the two. The wireless connection is much more expensive.

Well, if you take precedence and versatility from the desktop, but you still want a wonderful game experience, literally, there is no time to buy wireless games mice. Only ready for it.

Now, it probably concluded that the best mouse will be better to meet your needs. It is said that we enumerated some of the best mice of the game in each category.

Logitech G Pro is one of the best things, not just one of the most popular wireless games mice. It provides a comfortable design that coincides with light speed connectivity, the super precise sensors and users of the left or right house. The last Razer mouse offers a wonderful game performance, a wonderful aesthetics and excellent construction quality. It landed our best selection of mice for wireless games.

At the bottom limit of the price spectrum, we find Corsair Harpoon Wireless. It offers the same game performance as the other wireless selections above, but this practical design is more than a wonderful and intensive game style that can be handled at your desktop.

We exhibit Deadadadder V2 in all glorites above. If you want you to go one of the best experiences of the game, please see it again.

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