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Windows 11 update frequency

Too frequent updates and the resulting instability is a feature that Windows 10 often complains about. Major updates to Windows 10 occur at least twice a year and often force changes to the device.

Fortunately, Microsoft seems to have realized this and promised that the frequency of major updates will be greatly reduced, although there should still be a minor "quality" update once a month. This is similar to what Apple does with its operating system.

hopes that less frequent updates can also provide greater stability, because Microsoft will have more time to test and improve updates. Microsoft also promises that the update will be about 40% smaller than in Windows 10, which means less time to wait for the download (especially if your internet is not good), and expect it to install faster.

Microsoft stated that its major update will be released in the second half of each calendar year (although this is obviously a long period of time and not necessarily a guarantee). 4,444 major "quality" updates will be made on a monthly basis.

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