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Windows 11 store steam

Microsoft plans to use the recently released Windows 11 operating system to open a Windows Store. This means that in the near future, we can start to see applications such as Steam and Epic Games Store. The new open approach has seen some noticeable changes, such as Microsoft connecting to the Amazon App Store to list Android apps. This change will allow developers to retain all their potential revenue by using third-party payment platforms.

Microsoft hopes that its users will be able to find the application they are looking for, whether they are a competitor's store or not. Steam is a huge platform store for PC, so it's hard to see what benefits they can get out of it, but the biggest draw for customers is having a unique app update mechanism, rather than each app having its own service. automatic update.

Although Microsoft will allow developers to retain 100% of revenue from applications, this does not apply to games. It seems that Microsoft can simply link to the Steam store through the Windows store, much like Amazon's app store, which may mean they avoid hosting games in their app store.

In any case, this may have some positive effects, but it is unclear how many people will actually use the Windows Store.

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