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Windows 11 home vs pro

As we get closer to the official release date, people's expectations for Windows 11 have started to rise, and many people have started to wonder whether they should go for Windows 11 Home Edition or Professional Edition. At this initial stage, the information about the differences has not yet been leaked. However, we expect many basic differences to reflect what we see in the Windows 10 Home and Professional editions.

Having said that, we can confirm from the leaked image of the Windows 11 installation guide that Microsoft will provide the Windows 11 Pro version, as well as many common suspects seen in the Windows 10 version.

With this in mind, let's use what we already know about Windows 11 and let's try to infer some potential differences that may occur in Microsoft's operating system this year.

One of the only leaked differences currently distinguishing Windows 11 Home Edition and Professional Edition is that a Microsoft account and a stable Internet connection are required during the setup process, neither of which is required to set up Windows 11 Professional Edition. However, as we said before, many of the main differences between Windows 11 Home and Pro have not yet been revealed.

However, despite this, we can still infer some differences based on the version of Windows 10. For starters, Windows 11 Professional Edition may provide additional security and customization features compared to the Home Edition, depending on Windows. 10. As for the predecessor of Windows 11, Win 10 Pro does provide BitLocker device encryption and Windows Information Protection (WIP). Something that the home version can't boast of. These two great features help improve the security advantages of Windows 10 Professional over Home Edition; We expect to see similar differences from Windows 11.

Additionally, in terms of business administration and deployment, Windows 11 Home Edition may provide limited functionality and software functionality. This is true in Windows 10, not to mention any different suggestions this time. Pro benefits from at least 10 additional management tools, including mobile device management, Microsoft Store (enterprise) access, and Windows Update for business functions.

Windows 10 Home Edition and Professional Edition Enterprise Management and Deployment Features

So which version of Windows should you buy when it launches later this year? Well, it really comes down to your unique requirements.

Finally, I think we all agree that Home will provide most of the functions and features of Pro, making it an excellent choice for ordinary consumers. However, if you are looking for something more secure, Windows 11 Pro may be your choice. The only trade-off you have to weigh is the additional cost of purchasing Pro. If Windows 11 follows the same pricing structure as Windows 10, we can expect the retail price of Windows 11 Pro to be about $80 more expensive than Windows 11.

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