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Windows 11 cpu list released

Windows 11 was finally confirmed last night, and the company shared some details about the new operating system and the features it could offer over its predecessor. Although you can't download Windows 11 right now, officially anyway, the company has released detailed information about the system requirements and which CPUs are supported. Windows 11's CPU

listing has caused some controversy, but due to the operating system currently not being compatible with many older CPUs, or so it seems. Windows has officially announced which CPUs will be compatible with Windows 11; this is a list from Intel and AMD.

According to the list published by Microsoft, Windows 11 does not support any Intel CPUs prior to AMD Ryzen 1st Gen and Coffee Lake. This has caused a lot of frustration in online forums and many people believe that if the CPU support list remains unchanged, this will be a step backwards for Microsoft Windows.

Although the list of CPUs that are actually supported is not clear, I would be very surprised if the older hardware is not supported. Some people think that the CPU list is for OEM hardware designers only, and a more detailed support list will emerge in the coming days / weeks.

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