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Windows 11 boost intel alder lake big cpu performance

Windows 11 plans to upgrade to Windows 10 for free at some point in the future, and it seems like it may be more than just a facelift. Intel plans to launch its first CPU with "bigSMALL" architecture later this year, Alder Lake, which will support a new programmer that will reportedly improve Alder Lake and other processes based on this large and small core design. The first

tests using the leaked Windows 11 ISO and Lakefield Core i7L16G7 showed that the Intel Alder Lake CPU received a potential 5% improvement from the new hardware programmer. HotHardware was the first company to discover this, showing improvement when there is a large and small core architecture. This may mean that Intel's upcoming Alder Lake processors will receive similar performance improvements, as the new Microsoft Windows updates are for SMALL and LARGE designs.

As Alder Lake will take the lead in DDR5 and PCIe 5.0, and potentially improve performance through Windows 11, Intel can theoretically close the gap with AMD in the next release. This is hard to see, but it seems reasonable and will benefit any future BigLITTLE designs from AMD in the future.

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