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Windows 11 announcment

16:11-The capture layout and capture group are a major focus of the new layout. The taskbar can call the Windows layout for easy re-conversion and time-saving workflow.

16:15-Separate, customized "desks" can be easily stored and switched between them to help differentiate your personal work/life experience in this new work-at-home world. In terms of actual characteristics, it is not clear at this stage what this will actually bring.

16:18-Microsoft Teams will be fully integrated into Windows 11!

16:22-Haptics is a feature that will provide more stylus/tablet functions for tablet and touch screen users. The on-screen keyboard has also been greatly improved, including many emojis.

16:24-Customizable widgets will become a more important feature in Windows, allowing you to quickly view your favorite news, data, and social media updates on one screen at the same time.

16:29 - Unsurprisingly, the updated version of Auto HDR is a key feature that automatically adjusts monitor settings to High Dynamic Range (assuming it's an option) to maximize color, contrast, and overall visual quality .

16: 31-As expected, Xbox app and Gamepass integration will be greatly improved on Windows 11 compared to Windows 10 (very painful to use). In addition to this, the promise of providing players with more features seems a bit weak on the ground (at least based on the presentation).

16: 36-Now you can easily access the Android store on Windows 11!

16: 45-Very good! There is not much general information about the new features. Unsurprisingly, Windows 11 appears to be primarily a more optimized version of Windows 10, but this is not a bad thing. It is not known whether Windows 11 will update the existing operating system or a new operating system for free, as many people expect. Hopefully Microsoft will bless us both. Before Windows 11 is finally released, be sure to pay close attention to WePc for more information and leaks.

You can watch Microsoft's live event here for Windows 11 announcements.

Early Windows 11 leaks indicate that Microsoft is focusing on two main areas (both are welcome): a simplified user interface that mimics many of the best aspects of Mac OS and one that maximizes tablets and other non-productive aspects. The ease of use of desktop devices, as well as more automatic and simple driver updates and other software / firmware updates, enhance the overall user experience, especially for gamers.

Also, we may see a new version of the Xbox app and an improved version of Auto HDR.

For the specifications required to run Windows 11, see our article on the subject here.

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