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Windows 11

At the time of writing, there is no official release or download date for Windows 11. In other words, the leak of the latest operating system seems surprisingly stable. In other words, before the official announcement, there was an illegal version of the latest version.

Although many speculators look forward to the official release date of Windows 11 in the on-site announcement on June 24, it is unfortunate that this is not the case. On the contrary, the company's tactical avoidance of pushing things will only further increase the buzz.

Our best guess indicates that Windows 11 is expected to be officially released to the public in October, which is not bad. It will be available as a free update for all Windows 10 devices, and its operation is similar to previous Windows updates. If you want to stick to Windows 10, don’t be afraid, you will have the opportunity to do so. This may have its own set of benefits, as many supported companies may take a while to move to the latest version.

Like all versions of Windows, Windows 11 can also be purchased separately, provided in CD and USB formats.

We will update this post daily when there is news on release date, download, and purchase information.

Windows 11 was recently released on June 24, sparking great excitement for what it could bring to gaming, productivity, and everyday users. The new interface is expected to bring big changes to the appearance of the platform and inject new vitality into the latest Windows operating system. The

company plans to change several basic functions of the Windows experience and improve the style of the start menu, the taskbar, and the general design language. It also provides features that were first implemented in Windows 10X - an updated version of the operating system was released in 2019, which was shelved when the focus shifted to the full version of Windows.

Microsoft has been slowly laying the foundation for Windows 11. Microsoft CEO and CPO both scoffed at the "next generation" operating system. In the on-site announcement on June 24, the company discussed the next steps of Windows and released a mysterious trailer containing the new version.

View Windows 11 system requirements here

Another year, another iteration of Windows. Windows 11 is deliberately designed to be as easy to run as possible for most users, so the system requirements are not much different from Windows 10; however, please consider it as an update to the existing operating system. Readers running particularly old hardware may have some compatibility issues.

The following are the main changes between the old and new operating systems and the minimum and recommended system requirements for Windows 11.

The minimum requirements listed below have changed in several important areas:

In summary, the power requirements of Windows 11 are not greater than Windows 10 requirements, but require updated hardware with certain features. Despite these changes, the vast majority of people who have bought a PC in the last 7 years or more have no problem running Windows 11, especially if they own a gaming desktop PC that even has a low CPU or GPU. level. Even most tablet users should have no trouble running Windows 11, but if you have a particularly old package, you may need to check the following system requirements to make sure.

Microsoft has released a tool that can tell you if your PC can run Windows 11. This may be the fastest way to solve this problem, but many users report that the tool tells them that they will not be able to run the operating system, even if they really can. . I hope that Microsoft can resolve this issue in the near future (update: Microsoft has removed the Windows 11 health check app after these issues and will be re-released during the fall / fall period).

If you just want to compare your specs to the system requirements, but are unsure of your current machine specs, check out our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to learn how to find your specs. Compare them to the minimum and recommended requirements listed below.

We generally say that you want to focus on the recommended system requirements to make sure your user experience is as seamless as possible. Currently, the recommended system requirements you see below are only estimates, because we are still waiting for official information from Windows to understand what they are; Once we get them, we will update the following specifications.

If you want to buy a new laptop or desktop that is compatible with Windows 11, check out HP for great discounts on high-quality machines.

Windows 11 is the latest version of the oldest and most famous operating system in the world. Its release may surprise some. They believe that Microsoft will say that Windows 10 will be the last iteration of the operating system (the idea is that it is permanently updated). However, even at that time, most technology consumers were also concerned about this. One statement is skeptical. Windows 11 builds on the various aesthetic design cues of Mac OS (we think this is a good thing), and the more streamlined, minimal-click design is especially aimed at users of tablets and other non-desktop devices. Another management concept behind the new operating system is to install drivers and updates as automatically and easily as possible, maximizing ease of use and platform compatibility. This is a welcome upgrade for players!

The minimum system requirements listed below are

The operating system may change due to Knowledge of Windows 10, and more Hanson experience in these new operating systems.

In general terms, the big difference between the minimum requirements of Windows 10 is the 4GB increase of the RAM described above, and the need for CPU with two or more cores (only 64 bits) and the previous requirements of TPM. UEFI BIOS

Various desktop PCs We are going to run Windows 11. If you want to combine your own PC with $ 300 or $ 400, one of our recommended Prebilit PCs is described at $ 500.

A medium range option for a dedicated player is a PC to build less than $ 1,000 or reconstruction of less than $ 1,000.

If you want to press the things to the highest settings for the most demanding game of the most demanding game in Windows 11 in a resolution of 1080p, we propose a previous version of $ 1,500 or $ 1,500.

Finally, if the 4K Windows 11 game is more than it points, we recommend $ 2,000 self-control, $ 2,000 pre-built, or higher.


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