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Windows 10 may update issues intel optane memory

If you use Windows 10 May Update to update your system and run certain types of Intel Optane memory, you may encounter some problems recently. Intel is currently working with Microsoft to find a solution that can resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Intel Optane memory is designed to act as a cache for spinning hard drives. The idea is to allow users to quickly access the SSD, combined with the high capacity of traditional spinning disks. This is usually achieved by copying frequently used data to Optane memory storage for quick access, while sending less frequently used data to the hard drive.

However, recent Windows updates started causing some bugs on systems with Optane memory installed. A Twitter user reported that after upgrading to Windows Build 19041.264, he started getting the error "Cannot load DLL` iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll`". This is supported by a report on, which provides more information about the error and various steps to help fix it.

Currently, the May 2020 update is only available when the user explicitly requests it through Windows Update. Intel issued a statement on Friday saying: "We are aware of this problem. We are currently talking to Microsoft, and there will be a response soon, which will include a website where users can get help with this issue. "

We don’t know how long it will take to fix it, but for those struggling, we hope it’s not too much. Now, if you have some kind of Optane memory installed, you should stick to this update, at least until a fix is released Before the program.

We will pay close attention to more news about this issue and notify you when the patch is finally released. Now please be sure to check back frequently for the latest technical news.

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