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Win new overwatch items in the sigma maestro challenge

A new Overwatch campaign called Sigma's Maestro Challenge has just started. Blizzard Entertainment started a two-week event on Tuesday, giving players a chance to win special rewards. Players will be able to complete challenges in exchange for new items such as legendary skins, legendary emojis, player icons and new spray paint.

Check out the new trailer, which shows some of the items and features you can get in this challenge.

You can participate in this challenge in the Overwatch version for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

So what can you win in this challenge? How to win? Well, it all depends on how many wins you can get in various game modes and how long you want to sit and watch Twitch broadcasts.

If you win three games in fast game, competitive or arcade mode, you will receive two player icons. If you win six games, you will get an expression, if you win nine games, you will get the legendary Master Sigma Mask.

If you are already a Twitch addict, then you will fall in love with it next. You will be able to watch participating live streams to get new sprays.

To get these sprays, all you need to do is tune in to whatever Twitch host is playing Overwatch. If you watch for two hours (or leave it in the background while you do other things), you will receive a new spray. If you watch for four hours straight, you will spray two more times, and six hours will make you spray three more times. The

Sigma Maestro Challenge also includes the release of the new "Overwatch" soundtrack "City and Country". This is music taken from the "Overwatch" map and missions from around the world. Now you can listen on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer or Youtube. The

Sigma Maestro Challenge will end on July 27, so if you are interested in purchasing some new cosmetics, you still have time to participate.

Will you participate in the new challenge Sigma Maestro Overwatch? What do you hope to gain from the challenge? Please let us know in the comments below.

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