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Why is the rtx 3080 out of stock everywhere

NVIDIA has launched a new GPU RTX 3080, the first graphic card of the series alignment of the next session. Retailers can not have stock, and resellers have been trying to increase prices and have severe problems with the stock level that fluctuates the locations.

We are excited about NVIDIA NVIDIA ENTANCE Graphics' Alignment, GeForce RTX 30, along with all those who are interested in the computer hardware. After a long rumor and speculation, a series of ideas and a definitive marketing explosion of NVIDIA, the first letter of this series, RTX 3080 was released yesterday. It has never been gently smoothly.

They have a great crossing of factors that created a perfect storm focused on the release of RTX 3080. Throughout the world, people are still trying to stay at home mainly, but can release disposable income that are disposable in other ways. Trip. It also means that there are many more people on your computer, and you can also press F5 on the product page through different retailers. While Microsoft has promised to launch all the games on the PC through the game route and Steam, Microsoft promised to throw all the games on the PC, so Microsoft has begun, so Microsoft has begun. Perhaps the largest turn of the industry is probably an important turn of the industry. Free a great game on your PC. A person who had passed to the announcement of the Microsoft and Sony console decided to completely commit the PC game.

It is also probably the lack of Nvidia's strong competition in this space. AMD has GPUs based on RDNA2's novery in the pipeline, but in the presentation scheduled on October 28, the announcement is developed with excellent Nvidia Suite criticism and more RTX 3080. Wait for AMD to be provided before you decide to buy RTX 3080 . The new graphics card in front of Nvidia always generated emotion of hardware lovers and passionate PC players, but this is different. In earlier versions of the NVIDIA hardware, this will create an international fragation throughout the release of hot products, such as the new PlayStation or Xbox publications or the latest Apple iPhone and iPad. Did.

We will do our best to track the inventory status of inventory on this page, but a retailer is a bit to play to play as soon as a retailer enters. We intend to continue updating this site as much as possible, but the management of the NVIDIA supply chain is not easy. Especially frustrating is a specific retailer or a site like Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, but we are seeing many cards sold at the price of expansion. Retail price cards were intended to resell for profit. The unpleasant practice known as "Skaping" is probably an unhappy result of a society that was built around the ideal capitalism. We have seen a card that is sold for 4300 pounds and $ 5500, but someone could not bite at that price, but Nvidia's own site experienced overwhelming traffic, technical problems, site instability, the order is canceled. Future unhappy customers all boats. Nvidia was finally forced to issue a statement that apologizes with these problems.

"VI The unprecedented demand of GeForce RTX 3080 with a global retailer, including NVIDIA online store. In the Pacific region, I tried to press NVIDIA Store Live. Despite the preparation, the Nvidia store flooded traffic and there was a mistake. Sales have begun to register correctly.

NVIDIA store to stop the bots and slaps, to obtain these cards in the hands of legitimate customers, all possible, including manual consideration, as long as possible. More than

50 main retailers had shares in the Pacific Ocean. Our team and NVIDIA partners have sent more RTX 3080 cards to retailers every day.

We apologize to our clients for the experience of this morning.

NVIDIA has explained this situation as a result of "unprecedented demand". Maybe there were some truths, and I never decided to queue to buy a GPU on a day before, but he predicted?

Certainly, Google trends show RTX 3080 looking and looking up RTX 2080 E indicates approximately 50% increase in search traffic to see RTX 2080 when it was originally announced. It is not difficult to imagine that this is approximately equal to the same increase in the intention of purchase.

Curiously other cards in the RTX series alignment 30 show very similar search traffic trajectories.

RTX 3090 is seen as follows:

and what is seen RTX 3070:

The big question here is what this situation is working in the favor of NVIDIA. Certainly, those who at least some interested in collecting other cards with a line of 30 series will probably be the idea that they need to commit the first day, instead of being waiting. If the stock is unstable and, if the offer is limited, there are many people who may be interested in buying 3080, but there is a shortage of actions and should not be now. Instead, it is optional to pay by RTX 3090. In business, this is a very attractive offer for attractive attractive offers, and it is often possible to change it finally. Terms of the client to improve their profitability. Look at our page, one of the numbers.

Otherwise, there will be cards that cannot be sold or high-end cards with higher profit margins.

This is an intentional NVIDIA strategy, or an unexpected result, no one can tell. Of course, if you go back to relying on the "unprecedented demand" product line in future GPU releases, it won't have much of an impact. We will pay close attention to the RTX 3090 release to understand how this version compares.

To some extent, eagerly anticipated products always pose inventory management challenges and may never be able to fully reconcile the opposing forces of supply and demand, especially when so many retailers, distributors, and even individuals act as intermediaries. Ideally, these cards would not be purchased at a high price, because everyone who wants one can get one at the standard retail price.

However, in some products this situation will definitely be much less, I want to know if Nvidia can learn any lessons from it. I have never seen any authorized retailer selling Apple products participate in an interesting business at a high price. Anyone who cooperates with Apple to sell new iPhones and iPads must follow strict pricing guidelines. In this case, Apple will not take any kind of behavior toward anyone who takes advantage of the huge demand that drives up prices and oversupply. Such behavior may cause Apple to terminate its distribution agreement with any retailer.

Maybe now is the time for Nvidia to better control its supply chain. Either sign more stringent agreements with partner retailers, or Nvidia sells most of its inventory directly to consumers from its own retail pages.

This is of course good in theory, but they need to have an e-commerce platform and distribution network to deal with the challenge, and the failure of the Nvidia retail page published around RTX 3080 shows that they do not. They are. Still there.

What do you think about the various issues related to the launch of RTX 3080? Have you considered paying too high a price to the dealer? Will you push it to RTX 3090? Or maybe an AMD card? Let us know what you think about this mess.

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