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Why did codemasters increase the dirt 5 system requirements

Well, this is strange. For game developers, it is quite routine to announce the system requirements for your games before your release. This is the best way to show the player if your system can handle specific games, and you must plan to collect a new piece for your PC before the launch you can get people. It is not every day. We can regularly track the system requirements and analyze some of the archived requirements, and to change the terms of the developer and change the requirements of change, it is totally, in general, there is none. I locked myself up. Typically, a larger developer with developers, especially robust preinspection procedures, exceeding various hardware configurations before publishing the information of the system requirements to guarantee their accuracy. You will receive a wide range of tests of those games.

Dirt 5, Codemasters changed the requirements of the previous edition very quietly. Originally, when I was issued to your steam page on August 16, Codemasters recommended at least Rx Vega 64 GPU and Ryzen 5 2600X. At the point of today, its recommended hardware instead of RX 5700 XT GPU and Ryzen 5 3600. This is both higher components than the requirements of the system that are published for the first time. All these are not bleeding components, but they are quite typical of finding in a modest game system, but comply with the configuration of the recommended system as originally indicated, or there are not many short players.

Codemasters Do not share accurate information about graphic features, resolutions or frame rates that are directed to the game with recommended configuration, so some of the objectives that are moving according to the player's preference protect some exploration.

The reason for this increase in the requirements of the system has been requested by Codemaster, but they have still returned us. They did not bother them to scream this change from the urban landscape, and change that they have become quietly with a little fanfare, so they want not to notice anyone, however, the eagle's eyes that do not trust these will pay. Attention close to these things.

This change is some of the interesting aspects of this change that can lead to what is done, so this is a variety of theories that can cause this CodeMaster decision.

Codemasters has made racing games through different platforms since the 1980s. Clearly have many experiences in this field, but it does not mean that there is a serious technical obstacle associated with all projects to the Board. The preview of dirt

5 establishes technical problems, and cited, for example, ordinary shocks, severity of Buggy and other technical problems. This preview was based on the version of the game console, but it can fully perform the technical problem that can affect the compilation of PC.

Dirt 5 originally announced on October 9 launch before October 16, it was late until November 6. You can have a lot of reasons that lead to this delay, whether the game needs more functionality, or if the game is necessary to prepare for marketing reasons, supply chain problems or launches. Sorry. In general, I sympathize with the study that the player had to delay his games in 2020 years, and is a difficult year for all, and the final round test to help you feel the game. And I think it is a task as quality assurance if it is forced to switch to remote work implementations in the notification, it can be polished and constantly executed.

If your fingers have technical problems suffering from games, there is probably a problem that negatively affects performance throughout the specific hardware, it is completely addressed before its release.

AMD Hardware whose system requirements can only be changed, the system requirements of Intel and Nvidia components are changed, and the recommended Intel CPU is more than 9600K and the recommended NVIDIA GPU is often GTX currently 1070. Maybe these They will change before the launch, we look at everyone at that time, but it is probably the difficulty that has probably caused changes in the requirements of the system that is likely to be. AMD RX Vega 64 GPU and Ryzen 5 2600X The hardware certainly changed during the development of dirt 5, but there is a problem related to the driver who perhaps affects dirt 5 performance. For the first time, the technical problems linked to the update of the controllers outside their managed range, the developer launched a serious technical problem that accused the AMD controller, is the first time a multiplayer trigger link begins.

GPU-SIDE Another recent codemasters game is difficult for the specific functionality of NVIDIA, and F1 2020 is updated to support NVIDIA DLSS Tech. One of the many potential reasons that focus on Nvidia's hardware is that codemasters are large priorities. In the latest STEAM user survey, the current active user version is the current current active user version in Steam, and NVIDIA has 73.82% of the GPU market share and the AMD is only 16.25%. This is a big difference. Development extensively?

codemasters is quite

Professional and has a loyal following composed of passionate racing fans. An interesting element of Dirt 5 is that it is the first version planned by Sony and Microsoft for the next generation of game consoles. They chose to buy the very consumer-friendly version of the current version of Dirt 5, the next-generation version, so customers only need to pay once to get the Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X version or PS4 and PS5 version. Maybe it’s because they are dealing with extra The console development kit and the additional workload involved in optimizing a wider range of console hardware, Codemasters is working hard to make all versions run on all platforms as much as possible. wait.

In 2020, making PlayStation and Xbox games is actually making PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series versions X On the surface, it appears that only two platforms are actually seven different devices. This increasing complexity will actually lead to an increase in the workload of any developer targeting all of these systems, especially if it is an older version control. The SDK and development tools may not solve all problems. Aside from the delay, there are no obvious signs that Codemasters is struggling to prepare for the release of Dirt 5. Of course, they are a seasoned studio with many seasoned employees, but it will be very interesting to see Dirt How the 5 different versions overlap each other. when they are released. The game itself looks great, but we want to know how these persistent problems about the game's technology are solved.

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