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Who owns discord

Discord is a private company: it is not published on the stock exchange, and its actions can not be easily purchased by the general public. As a result, although the size of each investor has the size of the company is exactly, the general property is two cofrounds (Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy) and its basic concepts that are divided among several venture capitalist companies that invested in the company. At the time of the 20020 Summer Investment Round, they evaluated for $ 3.5 billion. In this regard, it is considered that Cofunders has to have at least $ 350 million worthwhile. This means that if it is true, it is owned by at least 10% of the company.

Jason Citron (born in 1985, 35 years at the time of writing) is the CEO of discord. The use of the platform by the white national group, which has been brought by the Light by the attack by Charlottesville 2017, annoyed it. Especially the word "horror" has become on the road. My grandfather fought in the United States in World War II for Nazis. Surely I would mean if he would be working on the people who got before. At the University of the University of Florida University, the University of the University of Florida, Citron worked as a programmer in several game startup companies, and finally established his own social play company called OpenFeint. OpenFeint made a small property at $ 104 million when he sold it to Gree. While watching a short period of time after sales, Citron introduced Stan Vishnevskiy to Stan Vishnevskiy and introduced hammer and chisel from his own company in 2012 to co-win.

Stan Vishnevskiy (born in 1989, sometimes 31st Yearbook) is a non-coincidental technical person. Before working as a software engineer for some new companies in Silicon Volley, Vishnevskiyy Cal State Northridge University, on mobile phones and tablet applications.

After collecting Jason Citron, we created Hammer & Chisel and after its release, after the release of "Forever" Flotz, they went next to the social network / online communication of the technology they had, on the other hand, was A stunning to pivot the company. . Developed. This is going to be released on May 13, 2015.

We hope that this article will help you inform you about the owner of discord. If you are interested in learning more questions or just more questions, see our other items related to WEPC.

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