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Where to buy rtx 3060

07/09 Update: link added 02/25 for Amazon US

Update: 02/25 link added for UK

overclockers Update: * Added link to buy RTX 306o from Best Buy US **

update 02/25: It's finally Launch day of the RTX 3060. Excited? We think the GPU will be updated at

GMT 02/24:44 tomorrow afternoon for purchase and pre-order! Additional link for RTX 3060 added

02/23 Update: Looks like there will be a hash rate cap on RTX 3060.

02/22 Update: This is the release week. Want to try to buy RTX 3060 anytime? released?

02/19 Update: Added Scan, Ebuyer and Currys RTX 3060 links.

Update 02/18: We are about to launch the next RTX 3060, I want to know what the stock looks like.

RTX 3060 is the latest SKU in the RTX 30 series. It definitely hit the benchmark when it launched. If it weren't for inventory issues, you can be sure that they will become a very popular addition to gaming PCs around the world. AMD and Nvidia are facing launch issues, but both continue to release SKUs, previously RTX 3060 Ti.

In this article, we will learn about the place of purchase, price, release date, and specifications of the RTX 3060.

Although still speculation at this time, Nvidia announced a special streaming media event to discuss the latest innovations in games and graphics. The most likely competitor to become the topic is the RTX 3060, an affordable graphics card that ranks below the 3060 Ti as an impressive 1440p gaming option. The

has the noise of the RTX 3050 Ti, but we seem to be more likely to get two different variants of the RTX 3060, the main difference being VRAM.

* To be confirmed, but let's take a look at the RTX 3060 specifications * The official release date of the

RTX 3060 graphics card is February 25th, so please have your bank account details ready. The price of the

Nvidia RTX 3060 is likely to be around US$299, while the Ti version will be launched at around US$400. As we've seen in previous generations of products, this makes sense and even opens the door to entry-level RTX cards. The

is very similar to other cards in the RTX 30 series, and the RTX 3060 will be available at all major retailers. We will then continue to update this page to provide shopping links in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, and wherever we can find.

is coming soon.

retailers in the UK have not yet listed the RTX 3060 models on their website, but be sure to keep checking this page as we will add them as they become available. Retailer

in Canada has yet to list an RTX 3060, so there is no price and no pre-order date. In any case, the launch is very close, so we will search the Internet to find all the sources of purchase in Canada and bring them here.

As we know, there are some first orders for RTX 3060 in Europe, and some countries launched it on the market a few weeks ago.

If you are looking for a place to buy RTX 3060, you have come to the right place! We will continue to update this page with every link to RTX 3060 that we can find. We know that recently released graphics cards are difficult to obtain, so please bookmark this page and make sure you don’t get lost.

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