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Where to buy intel core i9 11900

Update: March 30, 2021 - Gen 30 has arrived. Which 11th Gen Intel CPU do you want to choose? Update

- 03/25/2021 - Less than a week to go before Intel i911900 (K) release date, can they compete? Update

-22 / 03/2021: Added Newegg listing for the upcoming Intel Core i911900 (K). Update

- 03/17/2021 - Intel has officially announced the 11th generation Intel processors, more specifically i9. The 11900 and K variants will launch on March 30. From i911900K to i711700T, we have seen the expected 8 cores and 16 threads. Retailers in the UK and US are now showing pricing and pre-order options for the top three 11th Gen Intel processor SKUs.

AMD is undoubtedly leading the CPU competition with the launch of its Ryzen 5000. Of course, all of the major hardware releases in the fourth quarter were plagued with stock issues, causing many people to yell "paper releases." With the launch of Intel's highly anticipated Rocket Lake processor series, today we'll see where to buy the flagship i911900 and i911900K models.

If you still want to know what the Intel Core i911900 and i911900K are, don't worry, we'll check the specs, release date, price, pre-order options, and of course where you can buy one.

Intel Core i911900-

Intel Core i911900K-

Please note that the above specifications are from engineering samples, and its operating frequency may be much lower than what we see on the final chip. Other CPUs in the

Rocket Lake series:

We have now confirmed the official release date of the Intel i911900 (K), which is expected to be released on March 30, 2021. However, there is some confusion around this, because we have listened. About 34 weeks ago, German retailers started selling this SKU. Currently, locked i9 variants can also be purchased in the UK from some retailers, so the best way is to keep trying.

Although the price of i911900(K) is still unknown, we can draw some conclusions based on the current 10th-generation models.

The current retail price of the 10th generation i910900 is approximately US $ 479.99, while the K variant retail price is US $ 529.99, which is US $ 50 more. We expect Intel to price its flagship processors here at the most, but due to fierce competition from AMD, we may see more competitive pricing to compete with the legendary Ryzen 5900X.

Below is a list of all major Intel i911900 and i911900K retailers in the United States to buy links. Please note that due to recent events, inventory levels may be lower than normal, this means that if you want to get the Rocket Lake CPU, you need to get in as soon as possible. 4,444 British retailers have yet to start listing the Intel i911900 and i911900K. In other words, we will provide links to the following retailers when they go live.

Avoid scammers and resellers - preferential pricing and next-day delivery, direct from your favorite technical experts.

Unfortunately, major Canadian retailers have yet to release the Intel i911900 and i911900K real-time lists. However, you can be sure that when they do, we will link to the best places below.

So if you are looking for a place to buy the Intel Core i911900 (K), you have come to the right place. We will continue to update this page as all major retail links go live so you can get one quickly.

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