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Where to buy intel core i5 11600

Update-March 30, 2021-Intel Core i511600K is now available for purchase on Amazon! Click here to buy. Update

-March 30, 2021-The 30th generation has arrived. Do you want to buy Intel's 11th generation CPU? Update

-March 25, 2021-Intel i511600 (K) is less than a week away from the launch date, can you compete? Update

-March 22, 2021-Added Newegg list for the next version of Intel Core i511600 (K). Update

-March 17, 2021-Intel has officially announced Intel’s 11th generation processors, more specifically the i5 SKU. The 11600 and 11600K models will be launched on March 30. We've seen the expected 6 cores and 12 threads, and retailers in the UK and US are now showing pricing and pre-order options for Intel's 11th Gen i5 SKU. The

Intel Core i5XX600 has always been the perfect balance between performance and value. With this in mind, the i511600 and 11600K can be key SKUs in the Rocket Lake product line, providing gamers with multi-tasking flexibility and fast single-core performance. Whether this new line will live up to expectations and even play a role in AMD's progress remains to be seen, but if you're looking for where to buy i511600 (K), then you've come to the right place.

If you still want to know what the Intel Core i511600 and 11600K are, don't worry, we'll go over the specs, release date, price, pre-order options, and of course where you can buy one.

Intel Core i511600 -

Intel Core i511600K -

The new Rocket Lake line is expected to use the same LGA 1200 socket as the 10th generation. Other CPUs in the

Rocket Lake series:

. We have now confirmed the official release date of the Intel Core i511600 and i511600K, which will be released on March 30, 2021 along with the other two major SKUs.

retailers are now beginning to show prices and pre-order options for i511600 and K variants. The price of the unlocked CPU is slightly less than $300, which is similar to AMD's similar products, while the price of the locked variant is about $220.

Let us list all Intel i511600 and i511600K links to where to buy for the following major US retailers. Due to recent events, inventory levels may be lower than normal, which means that if you want to get Rocket Lake CPU, you must enter as soon as possible.

UK retailers have not yet listed Intel i511600 and i511600K, but when the link goes live, we will provide all options for where to buy.

Avoid scammers and dealers-favorable prices and overnight delivery, directly from your favorite technical experts.

Major Canadian retailers have not yet released real-time announcements for Intel i511600 and i511600K. However, you can be sure that when they do, we will link the best places below.

We will continue to update this page when major retailers launch Rocket Lake CPUs, so if you are looking for where to buy Core i511600 (K), you will not miss it.

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