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Where does epic games install games

Buy Epic Games Store, then download the process is relatively easy and easy to wait, but some questions are still asking for EPIC games installed? Well, this can vary from the machine to the machine, but the default-c location: the program's file selection program [game name]. Of course, download a new game with Epic Games allows you to choose a location to download, so you can have a unique folder in any game.

While talks about the location of the game of the installed game, we also move the game installed in another directory on your PC from Epic Games Launcher to another directory, I will show you.

First, the most important steps are to create a backup of the game that plans to move. Do not continue until this is done.

Open Epic Games Launcher, "Library" and find the game you want to move.

Three points are shown next to the game of your library, by clicking on 3 points and then click Uninstall.

After uninstalling, click on the library game to start the reinstallation and select a new location to move instead of the default value.

When the download starts, 23% are downloaded, click 3 points again, then click Cancel Installation

, move to the new installation directory selected for the game, and copy from the backup game folder in That location.

Note: If you want to receive a warning to replace duplicate files, click Replace.

After completion, you can verify that the file has been verified and can return directly to that game.

Epic Games know where you want to install your game, you can determine if they move them to storage units or higher capacity faster. If you fight to find a file, you can always use the Windows Explorer search function. You can change the directory when installing a new game through Epic Games Launcher.

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