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For many of us, the idea of living in a house with friends and playing video games all day without cooking or going to work seems like Nirvana in heaven on earth. But is life in the playhouse really what people imagine?

Twenty years ago, with the popularity of Blizzard's StarCraft games, the playhouse phenomenon became common practice for elite esports teams around the world. They all live under the same roof and it's much easier to enrich their lives, build team relationships, and make sure no one crosses the line with extra practice of the game. However, this also makes it easier for gamers with no commute time to spend an entire day doing what they love to do: playing video games. Chapter

Is everything as glamorous as it looks? Let's take a look at what life in the theater is like, and try to distinguish fact from fiction.

game companies originated in South Korea, where some of the best e-sports players in the world gather. The eSports team decided that if everyone lives together, they can encourage their players to practice more and improve faster. However, the original casino was not so glamorous. Players will share rooms, mattresses on the floor, and very little furniture with each other. For many esports players, this is the first time they have been away from their parents, who generally do not provide a neat and clean home.

Now, with the changes in the esports landscape, gaming companies have changed too. Equipped with the best PC versions, private chefs, gyms, and wall-mounted award checks are just a few of the things you'll see. But even as these game companies seem to have taken off, some teams have started to turn away from them. Some brands are concerned that they are actually counterproductive to team success and are instead starting to create team practice spaces in different locations, while still providing the latest benefits. Allow your players to live off the court, but go to the same practice location every day.

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Life in the game house, even just on the game practice field, is very different from the daily life that you and I can experience. Although many of us try to adjust to even a few hours of play every day (or some of us every week), these people practice every day.

(This infographic first appeared in our report: Professional players and the importance of sleep)

However, there won't be many early in the morning. Most gamblers at gambling dens don’t sit down at their personalized gambling station to start their day until 10 or 11 am. What follows is an intense team practice plan, and then a briefing in the war room until the end of the day, usually around 7 o'clock in the evening.

This practice time is broken by group meals and a few cups of coffee or Red Bull breaks to ensure the team performs at its best, but it is still a fairly complete schedule. Moreover, as e-sports become more and more popular and is expected to become a more recognized sport, managers are now spending more time thinking about how to ensure that their teams are happy and healthy, and that they perform at a higher level. .

More and more professional gaming teams are beginning to put player health at the top of their strategy. This is really good. Without a solid support structure to help gamers, esports can be dangerous for gamers. Injuries are common and the risk of players becoming addicted is a real problem. What the

betting company set out to do is help these players come together and have an easy point of contact in terms of profits. Usually the team manager lives with the players, and they certainly have the best space, but they are mainly to take care of the team. Many players are so young, without this authoritarian position, the house will soon fall into chaos.

However, despite your good intentions, how healthy is the gambling nest for the players themselves?

As these gambling venues became more and more popular, the team manager realized that many players rarely exercise in their daily work. Between many hours of intensive practice, team meetings and after-get off work broadcasts to recover funds, many of these players sat for most of the day.

Lack of physical exercise is not good for anyone. However, it becomes even more important when you need your brain to work overtime to think about tactics, team dynamics, and quick reactions. For this reason, many of these houses have installed gyms, organized soccer teams or taught daily fitness classes to try to get these young players moving. While all the behind-the-scenes footage and candid interviews indicate that the team used these facilities, the amount of exercise they actually received may not be that clear.

I think we can all agree that salad and lean protein are not necessarily what we envision as a group of teenagers preparing meals every day, away from the prying eyes of their parents. Although it is a good thing to give these young players the freedom and sense of responsibility that comes from living away from home, we cannot expect miracles.

However, this simple fact has not been ignored by the game team. Most of the gambling halls owned by the best teams have in-house chefs who can prepare delicious and healthy meals for the entire team every day. Although we still see

These players are neglected areas.

Living with a group of friends like this is like a frat house or a college dorm. As far as I know, I don't sleep much when I live in these places. These people are gamers through and through, so when the workday is over, they usually want to jump into their favorite game for a more relaxing game. Also, when you are surrounded by people who can play together, these games can end up far away from you.

Some game companies have imposed curfews in an attempt to curb sleep deprivation. They turned off Wi-Fi to ensure that players cannot access the Internet, which almost forced them to sleep. However, after so many hours behind the screen, some people find it difficult to disconnect.

Of course, living in such a small space can help players unite. But is it worth sacrificing personal space and freedom? In terms of personal space, the amount of rewards these players receive varies from country to country. For any of us, buying a home in the United States and buying a home in South Korea is a very different experience.

In the United States, the size of houses is usually larger than in other countries. This means that American sportsbooks usually offer private rooms for each player. But in South Korea, houses are much smaller and living space is severely restricted. In some Korean sportsbooks, up to 10 players may share the same room. Two completely different privacy and personal spaces.

There is also a lack of separation between work life and family life. For most of us, it is a good respite when we get home after a long day in the office. For these teenagers, who are usually their first jobs, there is no such separation. You get up in the morning and go to work. You have completed the designated time of day and cannot leave the office. His relationship with work and the development of life is not healthy.

is as popular as when the bookmaker first appeared. As the focus begins to shift from simply "beating" the players themselves, it appears that short-lived houses can go downhill. There are many teams that still use and like the traditional playhouse model, but more and more teams are moving towards a more open design. The

Gaming office has now become a popular choice for many teams. These offices give players some separation between work and family life, making it easier for them to establish other relationships (partners, friends, family), but still manage to cultivate a sense of teamwork and unity. Office

reproduces much of the content found in the betting house; top play equipment, in-house chefs, on-site gym and war room. What they don't have is the bedroom. Nobody lives in these places, even though this strange team manager may have spent a few nights there after a long day. Players live in different places and travel every day, just like us ordinary people and our office work.

It seems that gambling houses will continue to exist in the next few years, even if they may eventually be far from the current situation. As long as the management team behind these facilities recognizes that changes need to be made to keep the players as healthy as possible, I'm pretty sure this might be a good thing for these teams.

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