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You may have recently visited your program files (x86) and encountered a folder named "VulkanRT". First of all, VulkanRT is not harmful. It is not spyware, malware or virus, if you want to know, you don't have to delete it!

In this article, we will introduce what VulkanRT is, why it is harmless, how VulkanRT is downloaded to your computer, whether you should delete it, and how it can benefit your system.

Vulkan is a project created by The Khronos Group and announced at the Game Developers Conference in 2015. Khronos Group is a non-profit consortium focused on creating open standard APIs.

VulkanRT (Vulkan Runtime Library) is a low-overhead cross-platform computer graphics API. The goal of Vulkans is to provide more direct control of the GPU and reduce CPU usage. Basically, it can improve the performance of 3D applications such as video games and interactive media. VulkanRT helps to evenly distribute workload on multi-core CPUs and reduce CPU usage.

VulkanRT is called the next generation of OpenGL, but it is not a complete replacement. VulkanRT is derived from AMD's Mantle API. AMD donated this API to Khronos to help them create standardized low-level APIs.

VulkanRT functions similar to Direct3D 12, Metal and Mantle. However, unlike Direct3D 12, VulkanRT can be used with multiple operating systems and has third-party support for iOS and MacOS.

Speaking of games, many beginners are not sure whether to keep the Vulkan runtime library on their computer or delete it. Vulkan has become a standard in the graphics field, so there is no need to remove it from the PC.

Overall, the Vulkan runtime library will help improve the way the game runs. If you have a gaming PC, yes, you need this software. Without it, you may find that the quality and performance of your game is not what you expect.

However, if you are not using your PC for gaming, you do not need the Vulkan runtime library. Other than that, you won't really notice that it's not being used.

Yes, in most cases the Vulkan runtime library can be used safely. These are usually installed by the video card driver and will aid in the overall performance of your game.

With this in mind, they are useful and will improve your game. Since they are added automatically, unless you specifically search for them, you are unlikely to actually notice their presence.

If you are unfamiliar with the Vulkan runtime libraries, you may think it is a virus, but you don't need to worry about it. It is not malicious software or a virus, and it will not affect the operation of your computer, which is comforting.

Therefore, if it is installed with your video card driver, we recommend that you save it on your computer instead of deleting it.

In most cases, if you have a gaming laptop or PC, you probably have installed Vulkan unknowingly. This is because it will automatically install with most graphics cards.

Most AMD, Nvidia, and Intel graphics cards are bundled with this software because it helps improve game and computer performance when playing games. You will be able to see if it is installed by checking your computer settings.

If it is already installed, it will show up in your settings. However, if there is no signal on your PC, it means that it was not installed automatically with your graphics card.

Although you don't need to install it, we highly recommend it. It will allow you to optimize your computer. In addition, it can also make your graphics card as effective as possible.

If you are not sure what Vulkan is, it is a cross-platform API suitable for graphics and 3D computing. It has very low overhead and usually allows your GPU and PC to get higher performance.

If you are a gamer, you will want to install it on your PC. Even if you don't have a specific gaming PC, installing it is a useful program. Optimize your PC to help ensure its performance is as good as possible.

If you have installed it recently, you will notice a big difference in the performance of your PC. This is a great program and you will benefit from it, especially if you are a gamer. Your GPU may be automatically installed on your PC.

This program usually appears after updating your Nvidia or AMD GPU driver, and it is very likely that if you haven't noticed it so far, this is the source of it! The same goes for the recently purchased GPU, because it must update the driver.

Sometimes this can be related to recently downloaded games, because quite a few games use VulkanRT, and some even require VulkanRT as a requirement.

VulkanRT usually comes with game or driver updates, which are necessary for these different applications, so you have to keep it on your PC. VulkanRT is not a virus, so if your antivirus software marks it as suspicious, ignore it.

Remember that it is harmless, so there is no need to worry about the VulkanRT runtime library lurking in your files.

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