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What is g sync

The panel goes.

To try and facilitate this decision, we will show the differences between the two types of panels and the potential impact of each type on you as a user.

IPS (In-Plane Switching) has many different advantages, from excellent and vivid color reproduction to wider viewing angles, while VA (vertical alignment) displays have better contrast and longer pixel response time . So how does this affect consumers?

In short, IPS displays are designed with quality in mind, but they are lacking in the performance sector, where VA has an advantage. Therefore, for gamers, we would recommend VA, and for daily users, we would prefer IPS.

Among all the other positives brought by HDR-enabled displays, Nvidia announced last year that they will launch their Gsync HDR program, which promises a very high Gsync refresh rate of up to 240hz and a brightness level of 1,000 nits. What does this mean for your overall gaming experience?

In short, if you have an Nvidia Gsync product, you can now enable HDR while also having the smoothest, tear-free, immersive gaming experience that Nvidia must provide.

Before we give our final thoughts, it is worth mentioning whether you are studying whether to prepare for HDR. Remember that every HDR vs. SDR comparison you see strictly simulates the appearance of the difference... The only way to truly discover the benefits of HDR is to go to the local store to see the monitor in person. In other words, the only question that remains to be answered is whether HDR is worth the investment, especially on SDR displays that most of us are used to today.

Well, my initial thoughts were negative. This is mainly due to the lack of content now, especially in the game world. The price difference between HDR / SDR is also quite large, and for me, I don't want to spend more on a monitor that can only be fully optimized under a few different settings. One thing worth noting, however, is that manufacturers and designers have been working hard to make games and entertainment more realistic, which means you will eventually find that you will eventually have to upgrade to keep up with the growing demand. Is HDR.

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