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What is discord server boost

Discord has quickly become a global popularity, cleverly combining the best features of TeamSpeak, IRC, and Skype into one easy-to-use social platform.

Although Discord was originally a place to communicate with teammates in games that required more complex teamwork, it quickly became more advanced. It now provides a number of interesting and exciting features, all of which are designed to make your experience even better; the last one is Discord's Streamer mode.

Today, anyone can become a content creator. Getting started streaming to thousands of people on YouTube or Twitch doesn't require a very expensive build at all. It's much simpler these days. That being said, with the growth of streaming media and ratings, it’s no wonder that apps like Discord have introduced features designed to protect your streaming data.

In the next article, we will learn more about Discord's latest feature, Streamer mode. We will see what data it covers, how to use it, and how to enable it during your broadcast.

Then don't waste time sneaking into it!

is annoying, when you decide to stream a game, you are not just streaming your favorite FPS or MOBA game. It also broadcasts all other content that appears on your screen, including private messages and pop-up windows. Although this may not be a big issue for some people, large anchors with millions of fans may find it necessary to protect their data.

Imagine that you are broadcasting to 20,000 viewers. Suddenly your friend's private information appears private information. You should definitely not share it with so many strangers on the Internet. Things can get complicated quickly. For this reason, Discord decided to create Streamer mode. The

Streamer mode is a security feature of Discord, which can change what your audience can see when it is triggered. Block pop-ups, private messages, and invitations that can be abused by certain viewers.

By hiding personal information, it allows the presenter to make full use of Discord during the live broadcast, even allowing him to enter the Discord server without revealing any personal information.

But what do you mean when you say "personal data"? Below we describe all the main information that Discord's Streamer mode suppresses during live streaming.

Now that we have a better understanding of what Discord's streaming mode is and how to use it to improve streaming security, let's take a quick look at how to enable this feature.

Before enabling Discord's Streamer mode, you need to integrate the streaming media software with Discord. Fortunately, the process is very simple, so let's start here:

Most people who stream media will use Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) or something similar. OBS is a free streaming media toolkit that can be seamlessly integrated with Discord. Once connected, you will be free to customize settings and allow streaming Discord chat and voice communications.

To do this, you only need to download and install the application you plan to use. In this case, we will use OBS. After the download is complete, OBS will notify you that it wants to access your Discord application. Once approved, you will be able to customize the overlay in a way that suits your specific needs.

If OBS is a bit limited, you can also use other applications, such as Xsplit.

Once Discord is synchronized with your streaming application, all that remains is to enable Streamer mode.

It's that simple. If you are using OBS or something similar, by selecting the "Auto On/Off" option, you never have to worry about physically activating the mode again. It will be automatically enabled when you start the sync application.

You can also set the key combination by clicking the "Key combination setting" option. This allows you to configure a toggle button on the keyboard to enable/disable Streamer

mode. So you have it, our quick guide on how to use Streamer mode in Discord. Fortunately, the process is fairly simple. By enabling it, you no longer need to worry about revealing private information to hundreds or thousands of people who are watching your stream.

If you have any questions about Discord, please check our How to Use Discord page for a complete list of all the individual guides on the subject, grouped by category.

Streamer Mode is a very useful tool, it is integrated into Discord. It allows anchors to ensure that their broadcasts are not disturbed by content such as private messages and invitations. If you are broadcasting, these things will seriously hinder you.

Since Streamer mode blocks content such as pop-up windows, you may be wondering if it completely mutes Discord. Although it will not mute you while you are streaming, it will mute all sounds from the client and Discord, which is especially useful.

This means you don't have to worry about the sound of the messages you receive on the channel. It will allow you to disable sounds and notifications, so your

stream will not be interrupted.

Disabling streamer mode on Discord couldn't be easier. To do this, you need to click User Settings, and then click Streaming Mode at the bottom of the settings list. Then, you need to uncheck the box to enable Streamer mode, it's that simple! In addition to

, Discord also provides you with the option to automatically activate and deactivate the streaming mode when using the program. The automatic on/off option is located directly below the enabled streaming mode in the user settings. To enable this option, you must click the checkbox to the left of this setting. The beauty of the

transmitter mode is that it only takes a few seconds

Discord is to allow you to use itself to integrate into your application. This allows you to share your screen using ob, but then record audio.

To do this, open discord on your PC and click Source to select the desktop audio option. This allows you to be available from the sequence to the game through obs.

After changing the discord configuration, select and apply the desktop audio 2 into the OBS configuration.

If you want to transmit it flowing without showing that it is transmitting, it is possible in the range. In 2019, discord has been able to choose to live up to 10 friends with the application. This is not the same as the transmission options, but useful features. Unfortunately, there is no other way to indicate that you are transmitting while using discord.


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