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With the help of a small application called Discord, it’s easier to chat with your teammates while playing your favorite games. Communication is very important for competitive games such as CS:GO and LoL, allowing you to report the enemy’s whereabouts clearly and accurately.

Although Discord is no longer completely "new", I mean it is one of the largest VOIP services currently available, but there are still a large number of people using other services, which may be less efficient and costly. Discord is a free-to-use service. From a gaming point of view, it provides almost everything you need. In other words, it’s no longer just gamers using Discord. Small businesses, YouTube users, and Twitch presenters can put this great app to good use.

In the following guide, we will understand exactly what Discord offers. We will study how to use Discord, how much it costs, main features, and the difference between this excellent service and other alternative services. Chapter

Don't Say Much, Don't Waste Your Time, Dive!

In the simplest terms, Discord is a combination of TeamSpeak, Skype, and Slack. It is one of the most popular VOIP services on the Internet, serving millions of people around the world. In the early years, it was aimed at gamers who needed a community and a place to communicate when the MIRC channel died. However, since its launch in 2015, Discord has attracted a global audience of more than 250 million users. See our full article on when was Discord made? And who owns Discord? for more information.

Leap to today, Discord is mainly used in the gaming community, allowing players to chat with friends and teammates freely. This easy-to-use application makes chats easy and enjoyable, and provides tools that allow you to broadcast, add friends and family, and even create your own private server with your own robot up and running.

However, not only gamers are using this excellent service, but influencers, streamers, YouTubers and even companies are beginning to participate. Due to the wide range of functions provided by the software, users from all walks of life are looking for the purpose of their Discord server.

Discord provides you with everything you need for a prosperous community. It is fun, easy to use, and easy to manage for administrators who deal with many people. In the end, Discord completed what other VOIP hadn't done before; it absorbed the best features of its competitors and did a better job.

Building your own server may not be the first thing you do when you join Discord, but it is certainly something you can do if needed, and building it does not require a lot of technical knowledge.

View the guide on how to create a Discord server here.

However, if you are just logging into any of the thousands of Discord servers that already exist, it couldn't be easier to use. The

Discord server is a chat room where users can interact through text or voice communications. You can easily set up your own chat server and invite your friends and teammates. Inside the server, you can further organize cross-channel communication. A channel is a small space, and it can also be text or voice communication. They allow you to organize servers and separate individual topics into specific areas. For example, if you join a game server but only want to play Fall Guys, you can join the Fall Guys channel.

Like other voice utilities, Discord allows users to join multiple servers and save them to the favorites bar for easy access. You can create multiple servers for various scenarios, for example you can have private chats for yourself and your family and at the same time provide a more public forum type server for games and friends.

As we mentioned before, you don't actually have to create your own server to use Discord. You can easily join the full discord to find friends or players with similar interests. Most YouTube users, Twitch presenters, and influencers now have a Discord channel where you can log in and discuss related topics.

Creating your own server is just a drop in the service provided by Discord. There are thousands of servers on the market, and finding one that almost certainly meets your needs and requirements couldn't be easier.

Like most chat room services, Discord also allows you to create a friends list. In this friends list, users can message each other directly instead of chatting through public channels.

The easiest way to add friends to your list is to look up their username on the current Discord server. On the right side of each Discord server, you will see a list of active users connected to that particular server. If you want to add someone from this server, simply right-click on their name and select "Add Friend" from the list of available options.

As usual, this will send a private message to the user requesting a friend. They can accept or decline the invitation by clicking the appropriate button next to their request.

If you and the user you want to add are not on the active server and you know the unique username of a specific user, you can always search for a specific user. Discord will resend the request to the person and they can accept it when they see it.

After creating your friends list, you can send messages directly to them on a more private level. Just double click on their name and a private chat window will automatically open. In addition, you can have a private video chat and even add the person to a group message.

You may have noticed that the most influential people today promote their Discord channel.

Spotify, Xbox, name, name, discord allows you to organize everything for use without problems. Account

could not be physically inconsistent. It works in the same way as another chat platform or social networks and can simply connect login in your account through the discord application. It is a great feature to create a diversification of social networks after your social networks, or to create close relationships with some of your pulses online.

There are a little more provice conventions, and there is the ability to choose which social networking platform is connected to your discrete account. You can change the accounts related to your discord profile. Also, if you decide to connect a Spotify or Xbox account to DISCORD, you can notify your friends to see what game is being displayed disabled. It appears as a ministry under his name.

Discord was just a text / voice service and wanted a transmission cake. And it was exactly what the developer of fraud did, they have added a GO LIVE function that can quickly and easily transmit what their screen is visible. Function

is called 'Go Live` and allows users to transmit the live game to other users who want to see. To live the activity, simply click on the server name or simply click on the Stripter button on the channel list on the server.

Click on this button to have some options to transmit the quality and speed of frames. Be sure to choose the configuration and transmit it to the correct channel. It is also limited to Game

, or the application can share the screen for tutorials. Given how easy it is, the characteristic of Viva discord really offers many functions. A great tool for players and companies.

How to use the transmission using Discord

In most cases, discord is 100% free. Of that right, you can create a server without paying a pen and adding friends and doing the whole community. However, some in cash should spend some additional features.

Nitro discord is your payment subscription. Returns $ 10 $ 10 (or $ 100 year per year) and the user is configured to access the entire AdditiNal host. Users who choose to use Discord Nitro can use animation emotions on several servers. Nitro rises larger files and charging streams with 4K and will further improve the server: your favorite servers help block users with more functions and function locks. You can read around

"How to earn money" here.

Similar to the most recent social networking / chat applications, discord works through multiple platforms. That rights should not be restricted to the use of PC / laptop, you can use it with your phone.

Discord created a convenient mobile application that can be downloaded and used with all PC versions. Users that optional optional optional can find voice and video calls, chats and find servers through the platform. For all intentions and purposes, there is no literality between the mobile application and the full version of the PC. You can take your friend online, regardless of where you are.

Unknown microphone functions? Can I listen to people with disadvantages?

DISCORD Format of text

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That's there, there is something that can be used with our extensive damaged disc and accurately. It is safe to say that. It is easy for our favorite VoIP service, literally, everything you need to build a bubbling community and a work environment.

You only want to follow this link if you try to download discord.

Review other related items that cover all things to the right of this page.

If you have more questions, provide comments in the next section if it is not covered. We will do our best to solve the problems you may have to answer all your questions. Even so, you can go to our WEPC community.

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